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The Skeleton Coast Park, a seemingly hostile, barren environment will allow you to experience the mystery and subtlety of nature hidden in its fragile mistiness if you take the time and utilise all your powers of observation. It is a fascinating area, with its history of rumours of "diamond rich" deposits, which lured the hopeful and proved to be illusions.

Skeleton Coast Park travel, Namibia Tourist Attractions

It offers you experiences that are not available anywhere else in the world, but the desert is subtle and to be able to appreciate it fully you must be prepared to walk and search out the unique elements that make it a place you will remember for the rest of your life.

Skeleton Coast Park, Namibia

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Petrol and water are only available at Terrace Bay. The nearest towns to the Skeleton Coast Park are Khorixas in the east and Henties Bay to the south. Although the main roads through the park are suitable for sedan cars, it is wise to carry water and basic spares with you at all Skeleton Coast Park tourism times. The weather is generally cold and windy, with foggy mornings and evenings, so good windbreakers and warm footwear and protective creams for sunburn are essential. Do bring along your reference books on plants, birds and animals. Times Square

Skeleton Coast Park, Namibia


The rest camp at Terrace Bay is equipped with a restaurant, two bars, a well-stocked shop for basic supplies and bait and simple vehicle repair facilities. The cottages each have two beds, which can be increased to three, and a bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. Please remember to keep your permit with you at all times and that camping is only permitted at Torra Bay. Only Skeleton Coast Park travel visitors with reservations will be allowed to stay at Terrace Bay.


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