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Tsavo National Park covers an area of about 12,000 km2. This vast park lies in low semi arid country at the eastern edge of the inland plateau, north of the main Mombasa-Nairobi road and railway. Much of the park is level, open country with scattered rocky ridges and outcrops. Due to its size, the park is one of the world's wildlife and biodiversity strongholds.

Tsavo National Park travel, Mombasa Attractions, Kenya Tourist Attractions

The Yatta plateau, a long, flat topped lava ridge, runs along the western boundary of the park. Beneath it flows the Athi river which joins the Tsavo river, just above the Lugard falls, to become the Galana river, a permanent river that cuts right across the park. The seasonal Tiva and Voi rivers are important features of the Northern and Southern sectors respectively. There are scattered seasonal pools, swamps and dams, but relatively few sources of permanent water.

Tsavo National Park, Taita District of Coast Province, Mombasa, Kenya

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One of the great spectacles of the park is the Mudanda rock between Voi and Manyani. This 1 1/2 km long outcrop is a water catchment area which supplies a natural dam at its base. In the dry season, hundreds of elephants come to drink and bathe here.Paradise Bay


Southeast Kenya, inland from Mombasa; Taita District of Coast Province.

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The weather in Tsavo is pleasant most of the year. There are two rain seasons. The long rains generally come in March - May and the short rains from October - December.


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