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The nation's largest and most famous national military cemetery - Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington National Cemetery) located in Arlington, Virginia, United States County. Arlington, it is the fourth smallest county in the United States a small number of large-scale construction one. Arlington, Washington, DC, and at each other across the Potomac River, Washington communities, inter-five on the river bridge linking the two places. Arlington County initially said Alexander County, in 1789, Virginia ceded to the federal government it will become part of the District of Columbia; 1846, the federal government will return it to Virginia.

Arlington National Cemetery travel, Washington D.C. Tourist Attractions

During the civil war (1861-1865), Federal troops occupied the area, and to set up a 20 as Washington's defensive fortifications facilities in 1926, Alexander County was renamed Arlington County, in use ever since, it is civil war South during the commander in chief of allied forces, General Robert Lee's hometown named.

Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C., USA

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Arlington National Cemetery was built in 1864 by the Department of the Army management, and that only the United States honor collectives and Arlington National Cemetery tourism individuals being given to the death of servicemen, long-term service veterans, the federal government held senior positions veterans and their orphans, to be eligible in this burial. Nile


Arlington National Cemetery scale, covering up to 170 hectares. Mausoleum was semicircular, Weng Yu trees around the Arlington National Cemetery travel park grasses and rolling cemetery, row upon row of white tombstones, like the deceased's huge military array, the mighty reputation, an awe-inspiring.

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