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Virginia City is a small tourist attraction town in southwestern Montana, preserving the frontier atmosphere of the wild west, with original-appearing buildings, stage coach tours, even an old opera house. For a brief decade it was the capitol of the Montana territory before it moved to Helena, but it is most remembered for its early lawlessness and procession of colorful characters.


Virginia City was a crossroads for troublemakers, bushwhackers and miners looking for a fight. A group of Masons, Republicans and Northerners called "the Vigilantes" became overzealous in keeping the peace -- as vigilantes inevitably do -- and hanged plenty of maybe-not-guilty people in the mid-1860s.

 Club Foot George's club foot, Montana Tourist Attractions

Suspected "road agent" Clubfoot George was hauled out of the "Dance and Stuart" where he was staying (it still stands on the main drag). Along with four other suspects -- including the sheriff(!) -- he was hanged in Virginia City on January 14, 1864. The five were buried in a makeshift Boot Hill above the town, the graves unmarked.Club Foot George's club foot, Virginia City, Montana


Years passed, but the story of the big execution was repeated over and over. Locals interested in the tale -- perhaps trying to settle a saloon story dispute -- decided to confirm it by digging up the remains of the five "road agents."

One such character was "Clubfoot George" Lane. 

One such character was "Clubfoot George" Lane.

The mummified clubfoot of George was found and was put on display. It can still be viewed today, in the Thompson Hickman Library/Museum. It is probably the most Virginia City tourism treasured possession of the town -- you can even buy postcards. The museum has made an effort to collect other items owned by Club Foot George, including his cane, and straight razor.Aswan High Dam

Petrified cat.

Club Foot George's club foot

The rest of the museum offers the usual small town assemblage of antiques, documents, and oddities. In among the delicate period china and memorabilia, is a petrified cat. According to the helpful exhibit label, the cat had "crawled under a house being built in 1868 and was found there some years later by Mrs. Emslie."


Petrified cat.


Petrified cat.


After visiting the town, tourists head up to Boot Hill, for a nice view of the landscape and the remaining graves. It was Virginia City's first cemetery. The "Dalton" markers are those of a local family, not the notorious Dalton gang.

It is here where the five Montana Tourist Attractions road agents were unearthed, and where, for brief time, the clubfoot thought it might find eternal peace.


Club Foot George's Club Foot
Address: 217 Idaho St., Virginia City, MT
Directions: US 287 to MT 287, then 14 miles to town. Left one block to Idaho St. In the Thompson-Hickman Museum and Library.
Hours: M, Tu, Th 11-5:30; W, F 1-4:30

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