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Coffee Pot-shaped Building:
Address: Business Rt. 30 (West Pitt St.), Bedford, PA
Directions: One mile west of town center on Business Rte 30 (West Pitt St.), at the entrance to Bedford County Fairgrounds.


The Coffee Pot in Bedford is looking mighty trim these days, but it came within an inch of the scrap pile. It had been a unique landmark along the Lincoln Highway (Highway 30) since 1927, a welcoming place to grab gas and a cup of coffee.

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The Coffee Pot went through a string of owners and functions, and by the 1990s it was worn, damaged and ready for the bulldozers.

Coffee Pot-shaped Building, Bedford, Pennsylvania

Coffee Pot-shaped Building


Fortunately, a highway landmark preservation group raised funds to get the Big Coffee Pot moved across the street to the County Fairgrounds, and completely refurbished in 2004.


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