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Billed as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland is a masterpiece of picture-perfect choreography - even the litter bins are themed. The park is divided into seven different lands: Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, New Orleans Square, Mickey's Toontown and Critter Country. High-sugar fun.

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Walt and Roy Disney began their partnership on October 16, 1923 when they signed a contract to produce the Alice Comedies, a series of six- to eight-minute animated films, or "shorts," combining live-action and animation. What began as the Disney Brothers Studio evolved into The Walt Disney Company.

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Throughout the decades, the company has expanded worldwide from shorts to feature-length animated and live-action films and television production; character merchandise licensing; consumer products retailing; book, magazine and music publishing; Internet activities; television and radio broadcasting; cable television programming; and the operation of theme parks and resorts.


From the creation of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1927 and the debut of Mickey Mouse in 1928 to the premiere of Tarzan in 1999, animation has remained the defining signature of the company. Along the way, Disney has added successful TV shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, opened theme parks in California, Florida, France and Japan, launched more than 700 Disney Stores and added brands such as Touchstone, Miramax, ABC and ESPN to the fold.


To make the most of Disneyland Park - the ultimate escapist fantasy and the blueprint for imitations worldwide - throw yourself right into it. Don’t think twice about anything and go on every ride you can. The high admission price ($36) includes them all, although during peak periods each one can entail hours of queueing. Remember, too, that the emphasis is on family fun; the authorities take a dim view of anything remotely anti-social and eject those they consider guilty.

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Over four hundred "Imaginers" worked to create the Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland's biggest opening in years. Two hours of queueing are built into the ride, with an interactive archeological dig and 1930s-style newsreel show leading up to the main feature - a giddy journey along 2500ft of skull-encrusted corridors in which you face fireballs, falling rubble, venomous snakes and, inevitably, a rolling boulder finale. Disney claims that, thanks to computer engineering, no two Indiana Jones rides are ever alike. Judge for yourself.


Among the best of the older rides are two in Adventureland: the Pirates of the Caribbean, a boat trip through underground caverns, singing along with drunken pirates; and the Haunted Mansion, a riotous "doom buggy" tour in the company of the house spooks.

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Tomorrowland is Disney's vision of the future, where the Space Mountain roller coaster zips through the pitch-blackness of outer space, and the Star Tours ride simulates a journey into the world of George Lucas. The Skyway cable-car line that connects Tomorrowland with the clever but cloyingly sentimental Fantasyland is the only spot in the park from which you can see the outside world.


As for accommodation, try to visit Disneyland just for the day and spend the night somewhere else. Most of the hotels and motels nearby cost well in excess of $70 per night.


Youre not permitted to bring your own food to the park; you can only consume the fast food sold on the premises.


Disneyland is at 1313 Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, 45 minutes by car from downtown using the Santa Ana Freeway. In summer, the park is open daily between 8am and 1am; otherwise opening hours are weekdays 10am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to midnight, and Sunday 9am to 10pm. Arrive early; traffic quickly becomes nightmarish, especially in the summer.

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Disney has briefed today on the Disney lot of information and, However, the system is still relatively rare Disney introduced the term, let us know below bars. What is Disney? English words : Disney's intention is very simple fact, the word itself, it is a name names. But let's look at the dictionary to explain what Lane. "Heritage ® Dictionary /American Heritage Dictionary" (the United States authoritative dictionary), this explanation : Disney pronunciation entries : [ '] dizni Walter Elias Known as "Walt. "(1901-1 2966) American animator, showman. and film producer. Noted for his creation of the cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duc k, he produced the first animated film with sound. Steamboat Willie (1928). and the first full-animated feature. Snow White (1938). Disney. They hold the link-Intel (usual "exceptionally") (1901-1966) produced American cartoon family, Moderator performances and film producers to create famous cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He has produced the world's first sound cartoon "Willy steamship" (1928) and the first animated movie "Snow White "(1938 *). * Note : The magical moment was in fact the "Snow White" premiered on December 21, 1937. It seems that word has a specific meaning, the system that Disney has the following meaning of the word. Name names : Disney Naturally, the Disney family of all the people in the world named Disney. For example, Roy E. today. Disney and others. Walt Disney, in particular to the country whose people Walt Disney (Walt Disney), They hold the link to the Disney-Intel full name (Walter Elias Disney). He is one of the founders of the Walt Disney Company (the other was his brother, Roy Oliver Disney-Roy Mr. Disney). In other words if Disney peacetime, the environment or if no special article explains that In general there are referring to the Walt Disney President. The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Company indicator of the English name for the company : The Walt Disney Company (TWDC). California's Burbank headquarters in the United States. Is a world-wide multi-media entertainment company. Disney, an entertainment brand name brands. 2005 Interbrand/BusinessWeek 100 strong brands in the world (according to Brand Value) for the seventh place ranking. In fact, usually the most common. Disney theme park and refers someone will say "you visited Disneyland? , "" I want Disney tickets. " This means there is a Disney theme park Disney, the theme park and all. California Disneyland is the largest indicator of the situation. Only general of China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) will use this method indicator. The Walt Disney Company on the Walt Disney Company, founded in 1923. At that time, only two brothers Walt Disney Disney and the Disney Brothers Carto Roidi on Studio, and now Disney has become one of the world's largest entertainment companies. continued commitment to providing the most special people in the entertainment experience. and always carried a constant pursuit of quality and innovation of the company's fine traditions. The basic message : English company stands Walt Disney Company, the initials : TWDC Chinese generic : The Walt Disney Company corporate headquarters : Burbank, California, 500 Street City CAEXPO great Walt Disney Company 500 South Buen a Vista Street, Burbank, California. USA 91521 Tel : United States (818) 560-1000 annual turnover : 30.752 billion U.S. dollars (2004 Annual Report data. 2005 Fortune Global 500 ranked No. 159) Market value : 50.96 billion U.S. dollars (August 29, 2005) chief executive officer (CEO) : Michael D. Michael Eisner. Eisner, president and chief operating management (COO) : Robert Eggington Robert/Bob A. Iger (soon-to-be-installed Eisner), the Walt Disney Company set up on October 16, 1923. from Walt Disney (Walt D. Disney) and Gegeluoyi Disney (Roy O.. Disne y) to establish, then called the Disney Brothers Studio (Disney Brothers Studio). Later renamed the Walt Disney production companies (Walt Disney Productions). In February 6, 1986. officially renamed the Walt Disney Company (The Walt Disney Company). As an integrated entertainment giant, the Disney company has numerous subsidiaries, and there are many aspects involved in the business. The Walt Disney Company will be divided into four major business these large part of them : television and entertainment, theme parks and resorts. consumer products and media networks : Disney film and entertainment throughout the Walt Disney Company were established on the basis of this part of the business. This part of the core business of the world's most famous animated films and live film. The department is charged with Disney, the touchstone, Miramax films and other brands worldwide, The company issued a video DVD. And is responsible for musical, theatrical and other ice world in the production of the Disney issue and the issue of multi-brand discs. Disney theme parks and resorts in the department responsible for global Disney theme park operator, design and construction. Apart from the global five Disneyland, the theme park 11, Disney has two giant oil tankers at sea -- the same cruise line. Also for Disney Regional Entertainment Business ESPN Zone theme restaurants. Movement and Anaheim (Anaheim Sports. Inc.. ) is responsible for operating Disney's NHL ice hockey team "big duck team (The Mighty Ducks) . " Disney started in the sector of consumer goods in 1929 is mainly responsible for the authorization of Disney consumer products around, As the world's largest consumer brands business authorized Disney and global co-launched a broad mandate, including clothing, toys, food and other consumer goods. Another Disney is a global publishing departments under the department. Wei Bo and Walt Disney Interactive Group will be responsible for game software development and distribution. Disney and the Disney website specializing in direct marketing, including direct marketing business. Disney Disney's media networks operation of the department responsible for a variety of media networks and assets. Disney acquired ABC in 1996, including the completion of the group's activities. Specifically, a television program production and television operations. Equally responsible for the production and broadcasting of radio operators, including Radio Disney and other specific. Another highlight of ESPN, Disney is holding. disneyland travel Part of the global network of the cable companies who control the Disney Channel (The Disney Channel) and shares of some other channel. Responsible for the operation of the Walt Disney Internet Group Walt Disney Internet assets which are part of this.

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