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Harvard University is the longest in U.S. history one of the first-class academic institution, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at Boston and across the Charles River. Harvard University has two colleges to recruit students, Harvard College and Radcliffe College, which recruited the students about half of all students at Harvard University. Ivy Harvard University is one of the school.


Harvard University, founded in 1636, formerly known as Cambridge College. Born in London, the British minister John Harvard (John Harvard, graduating from the University of Cambridge in England) in 1637 by the British Institute in this new work, the work is very positive, be praised. He will all of its collections and half of these assets donated to the institute, the school be renamed the Harvard University. 1638 summer school at only one school teachers, a Muban Fang and a "School House."

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Harvard created by the early church-sponsored, but in the first 200 years, to gradually shake off the religious and political control. 1865, the school alumni proceed to the election of the school management committee. The early 19th century opened a seminary, and the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine. The mid-19th century, the Harvard School of the Lawrence scientific application of science for the United States has contributed to the development.

Harvard University, Harvard University, US, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Boston, across, Charles River

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Elliott president of the Harvard period (1869-1909), will be the Harvard of the impact of national schools. He used an elective system, replacing the stereotype of classical courses, students can pursue their professional interest. Today's Harvard is already a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university.


October 12, 2007, Delujier-Foster as president of Harvard University No. 28. She is the history of the school appointed the first Nvxiao Zhang.


Harvard University has 17 of the subjects, belong to two college students (Harvard College and Radcliffe College) and 10 graduate schools: College of Arts, School of Medicine, Institute of Education, School of Design, School of Public Health, administration College of Law, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Theology and the School of Business. And it is directly linked to a 95 libraries, 7 Institute of Botany, two Observatory, more than 50 science, engineering and medical laboratories, nine natural history, medicine, art and archaeological museums. Harvard University also has many well-known research centres, such as the Centre for the Study of International Affairs, Education Policy Research Center, Environmental Design Research Center, a computer research centre. Oriental Research Center, Harvard-Yenching Institute, a specialized study of China, the United States by the well-known China experts Fairbank long-term support. Germany Berlin

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Harvard University Institute of integrated boys and girls. School and university students are men and women pay. Harvard College (Harvard College) to the boys. Radcliffe College (Radcliffe College), founded in 1879, the admission of girls. Students entering first grade must live in College. Students living on campus in 13 separate living area. Since its inception, Harvard has nurtured many U.S. politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, writers, scholars.

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