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Misty Fjords National Monument


Located 22 miles from Ketchikan in the Tongass National Forest of Alaska's southern panhandle is one of our country's greatest treasures. At 2.3 million acres, Misty Fjords National Monument is almost four times the size of Rhode Island. It is a land of incredible natural beauty and rugged grandeur characterized by deep fjords, sheer walls of granite rising over 3,000 feet, huge stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar, pristine lakes and snow capped mountain peaks.

Misty Fjords National Monument travel, Alaska tourism, US Tourist Attractions

The fjords and valleys were created by massive glaciers over thousands of years. Accessible only by foot, boat or floatplane this untouched wilderness has no roads, permanent housing or endemic poplation. It was first noted in the journals of British explorer Captain George Vancouver.

granite wall

 A steep stone wall forms when the glacier carved through the rock of the Misty Fjord region



 A U-shaped valley is carved from a glacier as th ice decends into the fjord


New Eddystone Rock

 This island called "New Eddystone Rock" is a pillar of volcanic basalt that arose through a
fracture in the floor of the Behm Canal during the last 5 million years. The broken,
haphazard texture of these basalts indicates that repeated eruptions have occurred.Arlington National Cemetery
Just to the left of the island are two small boats and a cruise ship.


entering the fjords

 The Beaver floatplane flies over the entrance to a fjord in Misty Fjords National Monument


Misty Fjords

 Misty Fjords
The mist or fog that gives this place its name is starting to form near the rear of the photograph.  The fjords of Misty Fjords National Monument were carved by glaciers through the mountains
of the panhandle of southern Alaska.  This formed deep valleys, which connected to the Pacific Ocean and filled with seawater. The area has high precipitation so a relatively clear Alaska tourism day like this
is a rare event.

The Behm Canal is seen in the background.


mountain meadow

 Mountain meadow and steep cliffs in Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska



 Two hikers can be seen in the shadows of a snow patch at the lower left.  They are approaching
a secluded lake that fills a "bowl" in the mountain.  Near the top of the photo is a fjord.



 Distant waterfall in Misty Fjords National Monument


lake chain

Misty Fjords chain of lakes


calm waters

Misty Fjord's calm waters


lake and fjord

Lake and fjord


wilderness lake

Wilderness lake, Misty Fjords National Monument


buzzing a lake

Beaver floatplane does a low pass over a wildernwss lake in Misty Fjords National Monument


lake landing

Beaver floatplane lands on a lake in Misty Fjords National Monument


mountain and lake

Mountains and lake in Misty Fjords National Monument

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