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In remote colonizes the time, the Panamanian isthmus is connects the Pacific Ocean and the Spanish suzerain transportation key position, the once every year wave holds not the Luo river trade fair to attract the European each big firm business agent, in here, Cheng Dun Peruvian silver and the European cargo is carrying on the transaction which is profitable, Panama because the trade and the marine transportation prospers day by day. However, this has not certainly changed the status which it is subordinated, 18th century, Panama is Spain's territory, 19th century become emerging Republic of Colombia a province.

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Panama Canal attractions

Perhaps starts from at that time, Panama has become adventurer's paradise, the bureaucrat, the military officer, the merchant, the seaman, the artisan, the slave and comes from the Caribbean Sea area business agents to flood this city. The trade prosperously proposed to the shipping higher request, the people discovered opens cutting a canal in the long Panamanian isthmus, links up two oceans, will be an item twice the result with half the effort, the benefit and the throughout the ages magnificent feat. Actually, as early as in 15 centuries, Spanish person gas branch Cortes which conquers Mexico had proposed constructs the canal the position, but he has not indicated the place which suitablly opens cutting, afterwards, conquered Panama after the gas branch vertical stroke nie in Barr fertile Asia, in 1523, Spanish King Charlie th (namely Holy Roman Empire Charlie five th) explicitly proposed opened cutting a Central America canal position.

Panama Canal Tourist Attractions

At that time, according to known investigation material, the people listed have been possible to supply to open cutting canal four to prepare choose the place: 1st, south Mexico especially ten thousand especially Peck isthmus; 2nd, northeast Colombia's Arab League Tela holds nearby the river some place; 3rd, Nicaraguan isthmus 4, Panamanian isthmus In 1534, Spanish king card luosi an a life time issue order to carry on reconnoitring to the Panama isthmus, Spanish along the mountain lodge used goose egg a stone to spread 1 to cross an isthmian yi way, be regarded as for excavated to make preparation.Since 18 centuries, the Spanish colonial Panama Canal travel government sent a member to reconnoitre 4 continuously to choose a location fully, 1771, reconnoitre especially ten thousand wear gram isthmus especially, reconnoitred Nicaragua isthmus in 1779, however be Spain to decide finally up to 1814 pull beautiful independence the explosion of the war but disrupted the whole plan while excavating canal.In 1823, the Central America federal republic constituted to°from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, five countries in Nicaragua and Costa Rica establishes, although the small country of this have merely empty fame owns 200, never real once unify, in 1825, it put forward yuan to set up the claim of canal toward the United States formally, next year June, pull the United States the father west of the freedom to receive?The buo benefit tile the er be convening Panama of international conference up, also put forward a same suggestion, canal in Central America excavated to lift to ascend agenda formally. Louvre


In draw up 4 of argument excavate the location, Panama isthmus with the most narrow(61 kilometer), Nicaragua isthmus can support exploitation with having Nicaragua lake and saint beard Anne's river, being gradually come enjoying public confidence.


Excavate the advantage of canal on the economy obvious, along with the shipping of of Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean increasingly flourishing, a more convenient route will bring a lot of advantages obviously, if the canal breaks through, New York go to the distance of San Francisco can shorten 16%, Liverpool go to the distance of San Francisco shorten 43%, and New York go to the distance of Sydney also shorten 28%, the meaning is uncommon.


At 19 centuries, Panama the isthmus be placed in republic in Columbia to rule over under, in 1831 гн in 1858, Columbia changes to be called a new space to pull na to reach, this young small country hopes obviously future canal can in its landscape inside, but it limited financial power again can't prop up thus huge engineering, hence, rely on exterior strength to become a reasonable choice.However, pull beautiful race born sensitive, make the new space pull na to reach a Panama Canal tourism government to rule to excavate canal to rent to let power be able to hand over to a civil company carefully, but disallow a foreign government to get involved.In 1838, one domestic discipline country the company once sent a person to carry on surveying to the Panama isthmus, zu because of can not get government of support but forget about it.cai .


In 1843, the new space pulls na to reach a government note English, method, the United States, lotus, Spanish etc. country, suggesting is matched by them to set up Panama Canal, and is promised the canal future neutral position together by all countries, but in addition to the United States, all countries all don't to realize.


As early as 1835, the United States namely with new the space pulled to reach and then excavate canal a matter to once carry on to negotiate, having no fruit at that time but eventually, this time new the space pull to reach an old matter to hash up, American nature take pleasure in accept.Pass by to last a negotiation for one year on December 12,1846, American and new the space pulled to reach to form <the United States, new the space pull to reach peace, amity, voyage and commercial treaty>, also call"Peter pull gram гн Mali second inside promise treaty", the treaty is total 36, term of validity is 20 years, among them 35 regulation rules settle the United States to acquire following right:


American citizen, boats and ships, merchandise at it inshore can possess a new space to pull various right(all tax-free, privilege and exempt from) that the na reaches citizen to can possess, passing Panama isthmian American traveller, mail and merchandise should also give equal special discount, in the Panama Canal attractions future at build any transportation facilities Panama, its right of passage or right of passage should open to American government and civil liberties, new space's pulling na's reaching a government can not to American citizen collect high in new the space pull na to reach citizen to go through expenses, canning not collecting import duty, either to the American merchandise.


On this foundation, the American Panama Canal Tourist Attractions government also pulls na to reach to make three commitment to the new space:


1, assurance Panama isthmus the complete neutral of the district;


2, assurance future the free passage of the canal be willing not being broken off or being subjected to a bar at any time;


3, promise the new space pulls na to reach a government to own Panama isthmian sovereignty and the property right.

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