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Country: United States
Their respective continents: North America
Approval: 1980
Approved standards
1980 under the Natural Heritage selection criteria N (II) (III) on the "World Heritage List"


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Red Pine State Park has the world's highest large plants - up to 350 feet of red cedar evergreen forest. Park specially for the protection of forests and the establishment of red cedar, because it is now only at the Red Cedar Park and Oregon in red cedar can be survived. Salzburg


Red Pine is the dinosaur era of tremendous growth for future generations of evergreen, moist environment for the survival of love, 400 years before they become useful, some trees have lived for 2,000 years, the towering canopy covered with fallen leaves formed by centuries of quiet Carpet. Thick layer of bark to make them little by fire, but landslides and strong winds can destroy those inverted tree, the Indians used fallen trees to build canoes or housing. Commercial felling of timber since the Gold Rush era, the red cedar is continuing deforestation, timber companies and environmentalists are among the subject of debate. Red cedar is the natural evolution of magic to witness the slow, red cedar National Park, the establishment of a National Park Authority and the California Parks Commission the result of joint efforts.


Redwood National Park, California, US

Redwood National Park, California, US


In the second half of the 19th century, these trees were excessive logging, because of their distribution limited in scope, has been endangered species risk. Although the United States National Park Service to continue its efforts to trace the merger of forest residues to the existing protection area, but mining is still strong ever since.


Redwood National Park map

Redwood National Park map


Sequoia National Park, mainly to Sequoia, which is the maximum survival of species. Sample trees are usually as high as 91 meters, has measured a tree as high as 112.1 meters long in this type of tree often to the sunny and humid coastal belt of the valley, they almost daily from the Pacific Piaolai submerged in the warmth of the sea Fog. Stem from the thick, tenacious, wrapped with fire-resistant bark. Young saplings along the entire tree branches as tillers, but as the old growth, lower branches gradually falling, and the formation of the upper dense canopy, crown exclusion of almost all the light into the ground, only results in a relatively Shulang bottom of the forest, Yam and plants and ferns can survive, occasionally with the long red fir saplings together. Sequoia is a high seed production of plants, but only a small amount of seed germination smooth, even when a budding with low illumination of the protest. In natural circumstances, the slow rate has been updated with the full exploitation of the rate increase for the felling of trees to replace the new trees grow fast enough.


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Sequoia tree can receive the highest title, is the largest giant fir tree, and, indeed, is the largest living organism. Giant fir can live up to 4000, life expectancy second only to Mount Song, the species may be in Nevada desert mountain to find the mountain, known to some of the trees over 4,900 years old. Giant fir can be long and 95 meters around, Shugan 5-11 meters in diameter. The largest one giant fir "General Sherman", age about 40 years old, weighing about 3 million kilograms. In addition to the mystery tree, Sequoia National Park and the giant fir forest, including moose, Mi, black bear, white-tailed deer and Heli and black-tailed deer, many species of animals is also very important.


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Sequoia now has been confined to southern Oregon from the Klamath Mountains extended to northern California's Monterey Bay a strip of the coastal zone, and the giant fir habitat was born in Nevada mountains slopes. Growth in the best Sequoia Northern California coastal Sequoia National Park, the biggest giant fir in central California, the giant Shan National Park. Sequoia and giant fir is of high quality wood, a very wide applicability, can be used as Zaofang Zi, furniture, rail fence Zhenmu and wood piles. It grows tall and straight, very few Boils scar, fine grain, hard light, natural oils and rosin almost to a combination of anti-corrosion and resist termites and other insect invasion.


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Red Pine State Corruption as a world natural heritage, ecological protection and international organizations of protected resources for many countries cherished by the people. Red Pine National Park to protect the ancient seaside red cedar forests, red cedar and not so famous prairie, oak forest and the sea and marine ecosystems. Park often very wet summer, often under the sea fog, the foot of the inland areas, while more is fine, warm weather. Common cold winter, adequate rainfall.


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In the northern part of San Francisco, the mountains along the Pacific coast, has the world's largest with most of the red cedar forest - Red Pine State Park. Here not only with red cedar, also has many rare marine biological and terrestrial biological. Especially the sea lions, bald eagle and the endangered California brown Tange.

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