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With the Rocky Mountain National Park Kwan (Canadian Rocky Mt.Parks)
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Their respective continents: North America

State: Canada

Location: along the British Columbia and Alberta sector
Included in the list of Operation: 1984, expanded in 1990
Natural Heritage: including Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, about Khodorkovsky National Park, Kootenay National Park and Robson Provincial Park, because of the Nibelungs ACE Provincial Park and Han Pago Provincial Park, in addition to In 1909 found the fossils near the mountain Rumsfeld "storage."


Rocky Mountains National Park travel, Alberta tourism, Canada Tourist Attractions


Significance: the world's largest national park.

- Animals and Plants: mountains, sub-alpine and alpine plants of 56 species of mammals and 225 species of birds. Gyeongju

Canada charged the Rocky Mountain National Park Group in the southwestern province of Alberta and the Canadian province of British Columbia, area of 23,000 square kilometres, including Jasper, Banff, Rocky Mountains National Park, about Khodorkovsky, Courtenay, and other national parks, and Han Pago Robson, a result of the Nibelungs, such as ACE Provincial Park, is the world's largest national park.


Rocky Mountains National Park, Alberta, Canada

Rocky Mountains National Park, Alberta, Canada




Mountains and glaciers

The Rocky Mountain Park Kwan-the mountains are very young, formed in about 7000 million years ago. Rugged peaks and flow of glaciers here formed a strange contrast. Glaciers from the ice sheet slowly slide down the hard rock for the powder mill, the powdery debris covering the Binghu on. The melting of glaciers water supply to a beautiful Lake St. Louis, the extreme beauty, it is amazing. Ice boulders floating in the water the reflected light of the lake also dressed up as a bright green gemstones in general.


Rocky Mountains National Park tourism

Rocky Mountains National Park attractions


Park resources

Rocky Mount magnificent beautiful landscape breeds variety of plants, poplar, pine, fir and spruce Mimi and around the Valley sparkling lake, clear lake Daoying a towering snow-capped mountains. With the elevation increasing, broad-leaved forest into a coniferous forest, Must, snow and ice and rock Pass gradually became the protagonist. Summer, mountains covered with a broom hyacinth and trees, wild strawberries and blueberries dotted with grass, yellow glacier lilies from snow melt out in our heads. Here, the wild animals there are many varieties, there are 225 kinds of birds, small hummingbird, the Chukseosa to hawk; there are 56 kinds of mammals, one of the most famous when the number of black bear and the Grizzlies, Memphis vigilance high, like independence To independence to, like black bears are lively, loving in the park on the small and camping in a pile of waste in search of food.


Rocky Mountains National Park attractions

Rocky Mountains National Park tourism


[Various national parks:


Jasper National Park

Charged in the Canadian province of Alberta in Jasper National Park off the north side of the Rocky Mountains, is Canada's largest alpine national parks, covering 10,878 square kilometers. In Jasper National Park, the resident black bear is the people here, other wild animals, such as red deer in North America (Elk), Xiao Lu (deer), Grand Cape goats and sheep, and so on, the combined number more than residents.

Jasper small town charm, exquisite small shops, fresh food. Jasper Tramway is Canada's longest cable car. Colombia is the largest ice sheet with the Rocky Mountains of the oldest and largest area of the ice sheet, the total area of 325 square kilometers, the highest point is 3,475 meters above sea level the Columbia Hills, a total of nine glaciers, melting the ice in spring water into North America three oceans. One Asa Pascal glaciers in North America only open to tourists to ride snow vehicles (ice adventure) boost to view the ice-Ze. Asa Pascal glaciers opening hours is about the annual mid-April to mid-October, more tourists will be here in the Tour, and 93 of the North American ice sheet Avenue is the most beautiful landscape of the highway.

Jasper National Park of Peyto, Bow Lake, witch-Lake, Patricia Lake, Pyramid Hill, Maligne Lake and the Maligne Canyon Guifushengong beautiful. Fairmont Jasper National Golf Course is the first choice hotel Stadium, where play is really breathtaking. March 5 or friends in the ice downstream of the floating ice water on boats, delightful, very satisfactory!


Rocky Mountains National Park travel

Rocky Mountains National Park travel


Banff National Park

Canada first national park, summer resort. Located in southwestern Alberta, and British Columbia-off at the junction of the eastern foot.

In 1885 the establishment of an area 6666 square kilometres. There are a series of Bingfeng, glaciers, ice sheets, glaciers, lakes and alpine grasslands, hot springs, such as landscape, its Qifeng Xiushui, ranking the highest in the North American continent. Central Park's Lake Louise (Lake Louise), Jia You scenery, the lake with the depth of light from the blue green, diffuse Bitou Lake, the lake is also known as Jade. Along with the Rocky Mountains, there were several such glacier lake, which is like a strings of pearls, the quietly dynamic in the mountains embellishment.

Park vegetation mainly mountainous coniferous forests, subalpine forest and Citigroup pine needles, white spruce, Picea, and so on. There are also more than 500 kinds of flowering plants. Animals are mainly brown bears, American black bear, deer, moose, Ye Yang and the rare mountain lion, Puma, the Horn Mountain sheep, Jianzhu, lynx, and so on. Park built with modern hotels, motels and camping in the forest. Alpine also set up a vacant tramway from the foot of the mountain has been to the Peak. Peak has a wait-and-see Taiwan and pavilions, visitors can Pinglan overlooking the surrounding scenery. Luis Lake castle hotel, exclusive Huguangshanse of the United States, Gengjian antique appearance design and magnificent interior furnishings, competing to attract tourists to stay and visit. Banff town opened a museum and art center in each of the beginning of summer, there are many Indians here put up tents and the stage, wearing national costumes to tourists performance characteristics of the rich ethnic song and dance. Park near the entrance, a Chinese Ling, is said to be the 19th century a large number of Chinese in North America at the railway repair named after living here. Railway and the Trans-Canada Highway through the park in both.


Rocky Mountains National Park attractions

Rocky Mountains National Park Tourist Attractions


Joho National Park

Joho National Park in British Columbia, the center is about Huo valleys, snow-covered valley in the mountains between 3,000 meters above sea level. "Joho" in the local indigenous language is "spectacular" means. Joho Takekewu waterfall on the river drop of 348 meters.


Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park, also located in British Columbia, glaciers in the park, Glacier Valley and glacial lake, and so on. Sidi-Hill, the Palestinian shale fossils of Japan-Sri Lanka, have kept a very good Precambrian fossils, which even well-preserved paleontological site of the software, very precious. According to infer that the age of these fossils have been 5.3 billion years.


Rocky Mountains National Park travel

Rocky Mountains National Park travel


Robson Park in the mountains 3,954 meters altitude, with the Rocky Mountain peak. Robson on the plateau of Moose Lake, Lake because there often Hera deer, known as "Hera Luhu."


[Evaluation] World Heritage Committee

Weiyi linked to Banff, Jasper, Kootenay National Park and about the tiger, and Robson Hill, because of ACE Nibo Hill Park and Han Bo Pu Luo Wenxiu constitute a beautiful mountain landscape, where there are peaks, glaciers, Lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves.well-known fossil sites in the marine fossil mollusks, also found here.

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