Seattle coffee shops, US Tourist Attractions and Travel

1. Bauhaus Books and Coffee (Capitol Hill)

Great place to spend an afternoon. Floor-to-ceiling used books and paintings on sale. Sit at a table downstairs and use the Internet or sit outside on the balcony. Enjoy the great coffee!


2. Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar (Capitol Hill)

Seattle's best coffee. Vivace motto is "Una bella tazza di caffe." It means "a beautiful cup of coffee." People wait in long lines for Vivace famous espresso. This is caffeine with class!Adelaide

Seattle coffee shops, US


Espresso Vivace

3. Victrola Coffee and Art (Capitol Hill)

Everything a coffee shop should be. High ceilings, lots of room, and art on the walls. Free live music a few times a week. Great coffee, friendly baristas, and wonderful carrot cake. Wireless internet.


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