Teapot Dome Gas Station, Zillah, Washington Tourist Attractions and Travel

Teapot Dome Gas Station:
Address: 14691 Yakima Valley Hwy., Zillah, WA
Directions: I-82 South from Yakima to Exit 54. Cross over the freeway heading west. It's on the SW side of the frontage road.

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This pot, though smaller than most, always looks good in calendar photos and postcards. It's off I-82 about 15 miles southeast of Yakima. It may have been the oldest operating gas station in the US before it stopped operating in 2003.


The 15-ft. building was created in 1922 by Jack Ainsworth as a political statement memorializing the Harding Teapot Dome scandal.

Teapot Dome Gas Station, Zillah, Washington

Not really a coffee pot, but we had no plans to do a page on teapots. So there you have it.


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