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Yale University (Yale University) is the one located in the United States is Hong New Haven, Connecticut in the private university, founded in 1701, the beginning of a "University College" (Collegiate School). Yale University is the history of the United States on the establishment of a third university, this Sinomenine longer a member of the Union.

Yale University travel, Connecticut Tourist Attractions
In 2006 the British Times higher education supplement in the world university rankings, Yale University in the overall average ranking fourth in the world. U.S. Princeton Review in 2006 at Yale University in the United States into the most difficult of the University ranked second. Yale to the humanities, arts, history, law and the most famous; Yale's first-class science and engineering schools in the United States, is relatively weak. Jamaica


Yale University in industries including 15.2 billion U.S. dollars contributions (the second academic institutions in the world), and in possession of more than 10 libraries in the collection of over 110 million rolls. Yale about 3,200 teaching staff, 5,200 undergraduate students and more than 6,000 graduate students. In addition to Harvard University, Yale University scholarship winners Roche is the most numerous universities.

Yale University, United States is Hong New Haven

Yale University travel


Yale University to undergraduate education as the core. Such attention to similar universities in the United States is rare. Yale College (Yale College, Yale University undergraduate that the Department of) 70 professional major focus on general education, only very few undergraduate faculty focus on professional preparation, even the Yale University Engineering Department also encourages and requires students Exploration and study areas outside the engineering disciplines. Yale College about 20 percent of the students for science professionals, 35 percent for social science professionals, 45 percent of the students of the humanities arts professionals. Yale University professor require all undergraduate courses are taught. Yale University in each of the courses directory (Yale Program of Study, or commonly known as Blue Book) has more than 2,000 courses are available.


Yale University Department of English and literature have been critical of the new school movement. Including Robert Penn Warren, WK Wimsatt, Cleanth Brooks and other critics are professors at Yale University. Criticism of the new campaign after the Yale literary deconstruction of the United States has become the center of ideologies. At that time, Paul de Man on the French Literature and Comparative Literature Department are subject to Department of English support. After this was known as the "Yale School." Yale University's History Department also lead an important academic trend. Historian C. Vann Woodward as the 1960s, important and well-known historian of the South; Similarly, the famous labor historian David Montgomery, the training of the workforce in many contemporary historians. The most attention is the current large number of very active in Latin America historian, had in the 1960s to the 1980s at Yale studied under Emìlia Viotta da Costa.


Yale University attractions

Yale University attractions


Stirling Memorial Library is located at the heart of the school, the collection of 4 million books, and for the Yale University library system at the centre. Ancient Books, Beinecke Library collections so far have found the earliest print of the Gutenberg Bible. Most library books using the Library of Congress catalogue, some of the earlier collections are still cataloging the use of Yale Law. All collections are landing on the Orbis system directory (Faculty of Law, another collection system using directory Morris) and the United States and major libraries interlibrary loan agreements with individual universities and libraries implemented next day delivery service, so that professors and students can quickly The need to get the information. Besides the many facilities from the school known as Eli Express courier service connection, students can choose any request from a library of books and returned books. These services to undergraduate students and professors are free of charge.

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Yale most of the old buildings have to Gothic style, built in 1917-1931 more than in the period. Have demonstrated a lot of relief at the time of university life: There are writers, athletes, the tea Jiaoji Hua, a student at Dake Shui students, and so on. At Yale University School of Law Building (the official name for the Stirling Law Building) on the sculpture, but also show some of the contemporary scene, including the police chasing bandits and prostitutes arrested a scene.


Yale University tourism

Yale University tourism


Ancient Books by the Beinecke Library Gordon Bunshaft design, is the world's largest specialized collection of rare books library. It is located in the courtyard next to Lleyton Hewitt (now known as the multi-Beinecke Plaza). Library of Stack six-storey above ground by a glass cube surrounded by glass cube and the outside have a greater engagement with not the "box" Zhaozhu. The construction of the wall by 2 feet square since the middle of Vermont, a translucent marble, so can the embassy in micro-and prevent the harmful sun rays in the destruction of materials other books. Place in a courtyard-style sink in the design of sculpture by Isamu Noguchi, represents the time (the pyramid), Sun (ring structure) and the probability of (the legislation ramps cubic).

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