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Lake Baikal (́٧֧ ѧۧܧ́ or Lac Baïkal) , Crescent-shaped lake Baikal, in Siberia, is only the ninth largest lake in area at 385 miles(620km)in length and 46miles (74km) in width, yet it is easily the largest body of  fresh water in the world.The lake harbours more species of plants and animals which are native to the lake, than any other lakes in the world.

 Baikal Lake travel, Siberia Tourist Attractions

It holds one –fifth of the world's total freshwater, which is more than the total of all the water in five Great lakes;it holds so much fresh water in spite of its less-than-impressive area because it is by far the world's deepest lake.

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The average depth of the lake is 1312 feet (400meters)below sea leave and The Olkhon Crevice, the lowest Baikal Lake attractions known point ,is more than  5250 feet (1600 meters)deep. Central Park


Lake Baikal, which today is located near the center of Asian Peninsula, is most likely the world's oldest Baikal Lake tourism lake.It began forming  25 million years ago as Asia started splitting apart in a series of great faults.The Baikal Valley dropped away, eventually filling with water and creating the deepest of the world's lakes.

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