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Busan is the largest port and fisheries city located on the southeast coast of the Korean Peninsula.

With a population of four million, Korea's second largest metropolis grew into a modern port city between 1906 and 1944. It first opened its ports as the first international port in Korea in 1876.

As a frequently visited coastal city for Korean and foreign vacationers alike, Busan offers precious natural resources including mountains, rivers, hot springs and the sea, all to be enjoyed in a year round temperate climate. Busan, with its four distinct seasons, is reinventing itself into an international tourist sea resort.

Busan travel, South Korea Tourist Attractions

Aquariums let visitors embark on undersea journeys and sea resorts are equipped with amusement parks bringing tourists the best service and hot springs that could be offered in a special tourist zone.


Busan, South Korea

Busan attractions


All year round, exciting festivals await visitors at Busan. At the Busan Sea Festival, the summer's heat and the clean white sands, along with the fresh sea winds mingle with youthful vitality. Furthermore, the biggest Busan tourism seafood market at the Busan Jagalchi Festival offers fresh seafood and the Busan International Film Festival features world famous top-quality films. Various festivals such as the winter North Polar Bear Swimming Contest and the Greeting Sunrise Festival give residents and tourists a new lease on life.Great Barrier Reef

Located close to the sea and plains, Busan is a place where people can relish fresh natural dishes ranging from raw fish, seafood soup, roasted eel to roasted beef and Busan travel barbecued goat meat. Most of all, a tasteful combination of grilled Dongrae, a traditional plate with traditional Korea rice wine, know as makkolli, which used to be a presented to the king of the Josun dynasty, is especially worth a try.


Busan is also a city of sports. It has successfully hosted international sporting events such as the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympic Games, football and yacht competitions and the 1997 East Asian Games. Because of its hosting experience and South Korea Tourist Attractions world class facilities, Busan has been chosen to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 14th Asian Games.


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