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Changdao County is located between Jiaodong and Liaodong Peninsula and the junction between the Yellow Sea and The Bohai Sea, neighboring on Yantai in the south, bordering Dalian in the north, and seeing Korea and Japan across the sea in the east. It is with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, fresh air, elegant environment, multiple strange reefs and stones, as well as natural wonders such as the mirage, haizi, advection fog, etc., Changdao is the cradle of the Eight Immortals legend, with a wonderful name of "Immortal Mountain Offshore". 

Changdao Tourist Attractions

the air environment quality reaches national primary standard, and the negative oxygen ion per cm 3 in the air are as high as 20,000,  it is known as the natural "Oxygen Bar". Due to millions of migratory birds by way of Changdao every year, it enjoys a good fame of "Post House" for migratory birds, being a national natural reserve, famous scenic spot, and forest park. Sofia

Changdao(Fairyland Immortal Mountain offshore), China

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