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1, Ruyuan Great Gorge

Located in Dabu Town of Ruyuan County,Shaoguan in northern Guangdong,Ruyuan Great Gorge is 15 kilometres long and more than 300 metres deep.From the top of the gorge,which is flat, a stream flows rapidly down a stairway-like cliff to from the majestic Chengtou Waterfall.

The bottom of the gorge can be reached via 1,686 stone steps.

Within the slopes of the gorge,criss-crossing ravines,various smaller peaks,lush vegetation and very tall age-old trees create some of the most breathtaking scenery in southern China.

Guangdongs most scenic spots


2,Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area

Situated 18 kilometres east of Zhaoqing City,Dinghu Mountain ranks first among Guangdong's four famous mountains.

The mountains,known as the "green gem on the Tropic of Cancer",features undulating peaks,ancient towering trees,"flying" waterfalls, a wide variety of birdlife and colourful flowing plants.A tourist attraction since ancient China Tourist Attractions times,the mountain is sacred to Buddhists.

3,Nan'ao Island

Nan'ao is a small island just east of Shantou city in eastern Guangdong.Sydney

The only island country in China,Nan'ao is graced by soft sandy beaches,clean blue ocean waters and charming hills……

4,Swallow Rock of Huaiji Country

Huaiji Country,at the northern end of Zhaoqing,boasts green mountains and clean waters.At Qiaotou Town in the southwest part of the country,many oddly shaped karst Guangdong Travel caves can be found.Of these,Swallow Rock is the largest.

Swallow Rock stands 66 metres high,46 metres wide,and is nearly 1 kilometre long,covering a total area of over 28,000 square metres.

5,Huguangyan Lake

6,kaiping Diaolous

7,Zhujixiang in Nanxiong County

8,Danxiashan Mountain

9,Panlongxia in Deqing County

10,Jinlin Water Village in Deqing

11,Shanhujiao in Xuwen

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