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One weekend in April 2008, I went to The Crocodile Farm with my brother and my friends. When we arrived there we took a picture outside the Crocodile Farm. We bought a ticket, for children it is 30 baht and for foreigners it is more expensive.

Crocodile Farm travel, Thailand Tourist Attractions

When we went inside we went to look at some baby crocodiles in the nursery. There were a lot of baby crocodiles on top of each other. When we finished, it was time for the elephant show so we went to watch it. It starts every half an hour. In the show there were about five elephents that did some tricks like walking on a rope, riding a tricycle and dancing. When they finished the show they asked for brave people to come down and lie on the ground and let the elephant walk over them. I was really scared about that I didn't want to go but my friends told me to go down but none of my friends went down! When the elephent walked over me I felt very scared. I thought the elephant will tread on me but it didn't.

Crocodile Farm, Samut Prakan, Thailand, crocodiles


Then at about 11.00 a.m. we went to watch a Crocodile Wresting Show. It was very exciting and very fun too. In the show there were two men who came to fight with the crocodiles with their bare hands. When one man showed the audience how he could put his head into the crocodile's mouth, the other man did a joke by making a loud noise and scaring that Crocodile Farm tourism man. Then, when the show had nearly finished, a young boy came in and held a crocodile up, he was very brave. If I was him I would not do like that for sure. After he held the crocodile up he showed everyone and let them take a photo. The other two men held one too.Buenos Aires


Then we went on a train to look around the Crocodile Farm. I saw a lot of animals like lions, tigers, ostriches, snakes, camels, monkeys etc. I saw a Bird Garden and a big lake too. There were some people playing on boats. After that we went to watch a lot of crocodiles in the Crocodile's pens. We saw the biggest crocodile too. It was very very big. It is more than six metres long and very fat. Some people were feeding it a dead chicken. I saw some deformed crocodiles too. Some had no tail, no toes etc. and I saw a six footed crocodile too. Then we went back home at about 3.00 p.m.

Crocodile Farm, Samut Prakan, Thailand, crocodiles


This is the picture of the baby crocodiles on top Crocodile Farm Attractions of each other. There were a lot of baby crocodiles. Some crocodiles were swimmimg in the water, some were sleeping under the water.


The elephent is walking over me (I was under the elephant). I was really scared because I thought it would tread on me.


This is the biggest crocodile in the world. It's name is "Yai". It is very big and old Thailand Tourist Attractions too, it is more than 6 metres long. Someone who sells chicken for crocodiles said "This crocodile will stay here all the time but if another crocodile comes and disturbs it, it will go away by itself".

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