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The approach to the Garden sloped like a hillside and the several parts of the structure rose from one another tier on tier...On all this, the earth had been piled...and was thickly planted with trees of every kind that, by their great size and other charm, gave pleasure to the beholder...The water machines(raised) the water in great abundance from the river, although no one outside could see it. --Diodorus Siculus ruits and flowers... Waterfalls... Gardens hanging from the palace terraces... Exotic animals...This is the picture of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in most people's minds.It may be surprising to know that they might have never existed except in the minds of Greek poets and historians!

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Location

On the east bank of the River Euphrates, about 50 km south of Baghdad, Iraq.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Baghdad, Iraq

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon History

The Babylonian kingdom flourished under the rule of the famous King, Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC).It was not until the reign of the Neo-Babylonian dynasty that the Mesopotamian civilization reached its ultimate glory.Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 BC) is credited for building the legendary Hanging Gardens.It is said that the Gardens were built by Nebuchadnezzar to please his wife or concubinewho had been "brought up in Media and had a passion for mountain surroundings".Canberra

While the most descriptive accounts of the Gardens come from Greek historians such as Berossus and Diodorus Siculus,Babylonian records stay silent on the matter.Tablets from the time of Nebuchadnezzar do not have a single reference to the Hanging Gardens,although descriptions of his palace, the city of Babylon, and the walls are found.Even the historians who give detailed descriptions of the Hanging Gardens never saw them.Modern historians argue that when Alexander 's soldiers reached the fertile land of Mesopotamia and saw Babylon, they were impressed.When they later returned to their rugged homeland, they had stories to tell about the amazing gardens and palm trees at Mesopotamia……About the palace of Nebuchadnezzar... About the Tower of Babel and the ziggurats.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Baghdad tourism, Iraq Tourist Attractions

And it was the imagination of poets and ancient historians that blended all these elements together to produce one of the World Wonders.

It wasn't until the twentieth century that some of the mysteries surrounding the Hanging Gardens were revealed.Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the Gardens, their irrigation system, and their true appearance.


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