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Japan's Kyoto Prefecture, Japan 1 Administrative Region, Kyoto Prefecture is the Kansai region of Japan is one of the prefecture. 4612.71 square km area, with a total population of 2646569 (February 1, 2004). House administration in Kyoto. Jeju Island


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Kyoto Prefecture in Japan's major islands - the Island of the Midwest, the east Mie and Shiga, Hyogo Prefecture, west,Osaka and Nara Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture northeast neighborhood, North Dying Sea of Japan. Kyoto Prefecture has a population of 2.6 million, more than 80 percent concentrated in the urban area of 4,613 square kilometers. Kyoto pleasant climate, beautiful scenery. In the southern part of the Kyoto Basin, the North for the Tanba, Tango mountain, the average altitude of about 600 metres. Aodan after prominent in the peninsula in the Sea of Japan, East Wakasa Bay. Settlement coast, Maizuru, Miyazu, such as port.


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Yodogawa river for larger stream and the main tributaries such as Yura River. 75 per cent of the forest area. The average annual temperature 14-15 íŠ. 140 mm rainfall in southern and northern 1,600-2,600 mm, and the snowfall a long period. Guinea of the old mountain, mountain vaginal Tamba province and the majority of the Tango. This includes 11 city, the capital of Kyoto. 1868 home Kyoto Prefecture. To the electrical industry, textiles, foodstuffs, and other main transport machinery (shipbuilding), the chemical and general machinery also developed.


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Traditional industries High silk, dyeing, ceramics, lacquer ware, as well as liquor, such as arts and crafts fan Su renowned. 78% of arable land for paddy field. Southern Hills famous tea production. Breast meat livestock industry developed. Rich in fish, land and sea transport facilitation. More attractions and monuments, temples, the art of architecture and natural scenic areas. Kyoto major cities, Uji, such as Maizuru.


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713 years since Dan Tanba country after country at home
740, Sheng-wu Emperor capital relocation kuni Beijing
784-year-hwan Emperor capital relocation Nagaokakyo
Beijing, the capital relocation Green 794
866 days, should be changed Gate
1156 Baoyuan of chaos
1183 Yoshinaka all sources in Beijing, Ping's exile
For a long time the 1221 chaos, and that set Rokuhara Exploration
1337 Jianwu ZTE
1338 Muromachi Shogunate established
1392 Southern and Northern Dynasties unity
1467 Onin War
Oda Nobunaga to Beijing 1568
1582 Honnoji Incident
1586 Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the construction-music section
1601 set by the Secretary for Kyoto
1863 new electoral group composed of
1864 clamshell doors of the Royal change


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Wang Zheng back in 1867, repealed pursued by the Kyoto Town
1868 Toba Fushimi war, the establishment of Kyoto Prefecture
1869 Mengchitianhuang, Edo trip fortunate. Tokyo Dian all.
Kyoto set up in 1889. House concurrently governor of the mayor. Navy set up in Maizuru No. 4 guarding House (Maizuru guarding House)
Ayabe 1892 in the creation of the Wallace
1897 Kyoto Dishi set Museum, Kyoto Imperial University
1898 Kyoto Prefecture and the Kyoto separation of the two organizations into
1907 Fukakusa set up in the first division and regiment 16 (4 separation of the division and regiment)
1932 Ogura pool began cause stem extension
1944 16 division and regiment, Leyte Island destruction of war army
1945 United States Army commander of section 6 of General Luo Krueger
1950 Ninagawa Torazo elected governor of Kyoto Prefecture, innovation House G (~ 1978)
1957 Ground Self-Defense Force base set up Okubo
1964 Tokaido Shinkansen opened
The ancient capital of Kyoto in 1994 the Cultural Properties, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage
1997 Kyotanabe City set up
Beijing 2004 to set up Dan

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