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Nanhai-Buddihist temple,first built in Jiajing years ,Ming Dynasty,was one of "Eight Scenic Spot" in Caizhou historically. It is named of closing with the lake of "Small Nanhai." Rebuilt in 1994 by the donation of Mingcheng (birth in Runan) from Taibei. It is the largest Buddihist temple in China and also well-known in Asia. It is 300 mu. In it from north to south ,there are twelve granite memorial gate ways. Milan

Nanhai-Buddihist temple travel, China Tourist Attractions

Baisheng stupa beried donation of Baisheng; Daxiong palace, exceeding Taihe of the Imperial Palace and Dacheng Confucian Temple in scale.

Nanhai-Buddihist temple, Zhumadian, HeNan, China

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