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Sand, sun and fun make Pattaya one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Thailand. Pattaya,on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand,is a cosmopolitan city dedicated to the pursuit of excitement,pleasure and adventure.

Pattaya beach travel, Thailand Tourist Attractions
Easy to get to from Bangkok by air conditioned bus, Pattaya offers every imaginable form of water sports, plentiful and affordable golf courses, and stimulating nightlife.

Pattaya beach, Thailand


In the last few years Pattaya has, in an effort to broaden its appeal to family vacationers, toned down some of the rowdy behavior that had given it a dubious reputation. But you will still find a profusion of Pattaya beach attractions clubs and cabarets which cater to every taste and persuasion, and Pattaya's famously charming hostesses will still delight all your senses. Pattaya is the ideal destination for those seeking non-stop entertainment. Niagara Falls


Pattaya beach has boisterous go-go bars, clamorous discos and tumultuous nightclubs. Pattaya beach tourism Visitors seeking deserted and unpolluted beaches and a laid-back atmosphere should go elsewhere.

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