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PengLai full of legends and fables,is a modern sea city rapidly rising in northern China ,whose grace is affacting a great many tourists at home and abroad, PengLai bordered on the bohai sea and the yellow sea ,it is situated the northern part of ShangDong peninsusl. PengLai is 66 seamiles to liaodong peninsula and faces korea and japan . the coastline is 86 km,and total area of the city is 1200, PengLai clung to the mountains and faced the sea, boasts of a beautiful scenery and has been called fairyland form  ancient times. PengLai has been looked as one of the three celestial hills with the marvelous mirage and the well-known story of the eight immortals crossing the sea . Algeria

PengLai Travel, ShangDong Tourism, China Tourist Attractions

so PengLai was a fairyland attracting the emperors to looking for panacea,attacking great scholars to leaving poems and hand writings,which added luster to it . It became a fairyland known to all.

PengLai, Fairyland, ShangDong, China

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