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Shenzhen, covering an area of 1984.69 square meters, is east to the Daya and Dapeng Bay, west to Pearl River, north to Dongguan and Huizhou and south to Hong Kong. It consists of 6 districts: Luohun, Futian, Nanshan, Yantian,Bao’an and Longgang, of which the last two are not located in the Special Zone.

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Azalea is the the municipal flower of Shenzhen. In the city there are skyscrapers everywhere. There are fisherman wedding dance when fisherman hold weddings, dragon dance in the 2 nd day of Chinese New Year, dragon boat competition in Dragon Boat Festival. Whenever there are grand occasions, there are kylin dance and grand banquet.

Shenzhen, China


Climate Characteristics


Shenzhen has a mild subtropical oceanic climate. An annual average temperature of 22.3 brings us a beautiful garden city, which enjoys four seasons of green trees and blooming flowers.

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The sunlight radiation in Shenzhen is rich, so do not forget to bring along skincare lotions, sunglass and sunlight umbrella. Rainy season starts from June and ends in August. Northern Mariana Islands
Seasonal Features


Shenzhen attractions Spring

Early February to late April
Varying with low temperature and common rains
19.0(Average temperature)
212mm(Average rainfall)
Light coat and sweater with rain gear



Late April to late October
Damp and hot with random rain and storm
26.7(Average temperature)
1606mm(Average rainfall)
Short pants with sunlight skin-car



Late October to early January
Cool air and sunny weather
17.7(Average temperature)
81mm(Average rainfall)
Shirts and pants with light coats



Middle January to early February
Dry with little rain
14.4(Average temperature)
25(Average rainfall)
Heavy coats


   Population and Language
Shenzhen is a new city as well as an immigrant city. Millions of new immigrants come from everywhere in China with the average age of less than 30 years old.
Major Languages Foreign tourists feel ease like at home in Shenzhen.
Putonghua Hakka Dialect Cantonese Chaozhou Dialect


Theme park


Happy Kingdom


It consists of many thematic regions, such as the Spanish Square, the Cartoon Town, the Hill for Adventure, Happy Island, the Town of Gold Mines, Shangri-la Forest, the Hurricane Bay,the Sunshine Beach etc, with more than a hundred recreation activities. It takes about ten hours to complete all the participating and entertaining items.


The Hill for Adventure:


The Space Shuttle, based on the theory of space launch, can shoot off visitors to 60 meters high within 1.8 seconds, and then falls straightly as a free falling body, which is extraordinarily exciting and shall never be forgotten.


The Hurricane Bay:


Shooting the Rapid is the country s largest water recreation site providing visitors with an exciting experience of falling from 26 meters high and being drawn into the stormy whirlpool of the Shenzhen tourism Bay; the Perfect Storm is to suddenly turn the visitors upside down among the springs on the water surface, where venturing spirit is essential.


The Town of Gold Mines:


Visitors can experience the Gold Rush of the 18th century in the West of the USA: as the mine carts shuttling among the vestiges of walls, visitors can have the exciting and shocking experience of escaping in the mine carts in a fluster when the floods broke out similar to the mineworkers at that time.


The Shangri-la Forest:


The Flying Dragon of Snowcapped Mountains which is the first overhead roller coaster in China and is a game for the bravest people inside the park.


The Maya Beach (Not included in the entrance ticket):


The Maya Beach is a water-park with mysterious Maya culture. Playing in the Tidal River, Wave Pool, Banyan Tree Slides, Master Blaster and Maya Temple, you will have the experience of discovering a lost civilization and full favor of Caribbean Sea.


The best touring route


Spanish Square -- Cartoon Town -- Hills for Adventure -- Shangri-la Forest -- Town of Gold Mines -- Sunshine Beach -- Hurricane Bay -- Maya Water Park -- Happy Island


Places of Interests -- Window of the World


It has assembled 130 world famous sences, natural sites and cultural traditions ¨C a place that visitors must go. The park is divided into eight scenic areas based on geographical position and category of the scenes. They are the World Square, the Area of Asia, the Area of Oceanic, the Area of Europe, the Area of Africa, the Area of America, the Sculpture Park and International Street. Ancient and modern natural landscapes and attractions as well as dwelling houses, sculptures, drawings and even folklore and theatrical performances are a wonderful land reappearing to tourists!


Visitors can have a pleasure trip inside the park by sitting in the overhead monorail touring cars, the ancient European carriages, the Gypsy caravans, weckers, canoes and rafts. The annual cultural ceremonies in the Window of the World are the International Festival of Beers, the Week of Japanese Culture, the Festival of Cherry Blossom and the Christmas Carnival.


Places of Interests -- Safari Park Shenzhen


The Safari Park, where for the first time in China animals are living freely in a natural environment, has more than 10,000 animals of over 300 species, 80% being world rare species and the first or second shenzhen travel class animals in protection


Places of Interests -- Minsk World


MINSK is an anti-submarine and aircraft, multi-functioned, middle-sized aircraft carrier of the former Soviet Union. With aircrafts as the main theme, it is the first large military park of the world which combines the functions of sightseeing, recreation and the popular science and national defense education together. On the decks of the offshore aircraft carrier gather the hi-tech weapons. The means of sound, light and electronic instruments enhance the truthfulness of the exciting missiles and other weapons. The offshore stage also presents Russian folk songs and dance in varied colorful splendor.


Places of Interests -- Shenzhen Waterlands Resort


Based on the waterlands, with a long history of fishermen culture for more than 2,000 years, it is aimed to build a ecological culture tourist district with its own distinctive features on the western cost line.
It consists of the Jitian Waterlands Region, ecological civilization museums, water amusement park region, water shops region, wooden houses over the water resort, the region of Sculptures of Green Culture etc, where visitors can keep fish, pick up melons, plant vegetables, taste the dishes with rural flavor and experience the way of life in rural areas.


Places of Interests -- Evergreen Resort


Welcome to the Evergreen Resort. This truly unique resort is a place for individuals, couples, social groups and business professionals who wants to find total detachment from their everyday lives.
Recommended sights are the Jurassic Park, the Butterfly Valley, the gardening park and the Orchard.
Recreational activities inside the park include pottery making, fishing etc, with barbecue fields, swimming pools and tea shops available. Delicacies from all over the country and special dishes from Taiwan are especially delicious. Sleeping in a wooden house, a villa, or a house on a tree, visitors are much closer to the mature and enjoy the morning with birds singing and flowers blossoming


Guangming Overseas Livestock Farm


Cuisine Guangming Fried pigeon, sweet com, morning light fresh milk, litchi and longan.
Entertainment in Guangming The largest grass-ski ground in China with grass-skiing, vehicle-skiing, field operations, fish catching, bungee, helium balloon and fishing pool.
Tourism in Guangming Morning light milk cow ground, morning light fresh milk production workshop and hi-tech agricultural Shenzhen attractions garden.
Places of Interests -- The Happy Main Line


The Happy Main Line is China s first overhead robot tourist mainline for sight-seeing shuttling between Splendid China, Window of World, the Shenzhen Bay Hotel and Happy Valley. Visitors will enjoy the grand view of The Overseas Chinese Town along the line with a lot of fun


Sea World


Sea World, the largest sea cultural China Tourist Attractions park opposite to the entrance of Xiaomeisha Tourism Center is a theme park of marine culture, ranked first in size and objects displayed. It consists of the Sea Square, Sea Theater, Imaginative Journey on the Sea, the Garden of the Sea God, the Aquarium and the Museum of Whale and Shark.

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