Three gorges of Yangtse river, China Tourist Attractions and Travel

Three gorges of yangtse river is a shortened form of Qutang gorge¡¢Wu gorge and west-ling gorge.These three gorges located on middle reaches of Yangtse river,through Chongqing and Hubei province.Three gorges are very grand, beautiful and extremely dangerous.

Three gorges of  Yangtse river Tourist Attractions

Three gorges scenery spots preserve a lot of places of historic interest and key point of interest such as:Baidi city,old plank road built along a cliff, Huangling temple ,xiao Three gorges,shibao stockeded village,zhangfei temple ,etc. Three gorges of Yangtse river Tourists can be organized together to tour Three gorges though Chengdu from many places. Several kinds of luxury ship and luxury suites are available. The ship for tour will send out every day.Hurghada

Three gorges, Yangtse river, China

Three gorges of Yangtse river travel


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