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Victoria Peak is a mountain  in Hong Kong. It is also documented as The Peak locally, and Mount Austin. The mountain is located in the western half of the Hong Kong Island. With an altitude of 552 m (1,810 ft), it is the highest mountain on the island, although far from the highest Tai Mo Shan in the territory. It is also known to have the highest land value in the world, with many of the Super-Rich residing here. Because of its view, history and spectacular location Victoria Peak is strongly attached with an air of prestige.

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The actual summit of Victoria Peak is occupied by a radio telecommunications facility and is closed to the public. However the surrounding area comprises a mixture of publicly accessible parkland, and high value residential land, and it is this area that is normally meant by the name The Peak. The Peak offers spectacular views over central Hong Kong, the harbor and surrounding islands, and is a major tourist attraction.


A panoramic view of Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak at night

A panoramic view of Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak at night 

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Victoria Peak History

The early history of the Peak was driven by the breezes and generally cooler temperatures which could be found there during Hong Kong's sub-tropical summers, especially in the days before air conditioning was generally available. This made the area a desirable retreat for Hong Kong's more affluent residents. The summer home of GovernorSir Richard MacDonnell was built there around 1868. Other wealthy residents followed suit.

The original residents reached their homes by sedan chair, which were carried up and down the steep paths by their personal staff of uniformed bearers. The difficulty of access limited the development of the Peak, a situation that would remain until the opening of the Victoria Peak travel Peak Tramfunicular railway in 1888.

The boost to accessibility given by the opening of the Peak Tram increased the demand for residences on the Peak. Between 1904 and 1930, the Peak Reservation Ordinance designated the Peak as an exclusive residential area reserved for Europeans and government officials, as well as reserving the Peak Tram for the use of such passengers during peak periods. The Peak remains an upmarket residential area, although residency today is controlled by wealth rather than race.

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