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In 1996 December, Fujian Wuyi Mountains was honored as "World Cultural and Natural Heritage" by the UN Organization of Science, Education and Culture. Wuyi Mountains is situated in the Wuyishan city, the northern part of Fujian Province; the main site is 60km2 in acreage, the average height of peaks is about 350 meters, it is a typical rosy cloud landform; it is a place of interesting with a long history, and among the first group of tourist sites elected as the national key tourist resort, Mrs. Barerke, president of the executive committee of World Tourism Organization, described it as "the model of world environmental protection".

Wuyi Mountains travel, China Tourist Attractions

If you take a bamboo raft trip fleeting through the river, you will get quite a view of the water and the mountain, and particularly, the raft coffin hanging on the cliff, it is a special and mysterious burial 3800 years ago.

Wuyi Mountains, Fujian, China

Wuyi Mountains attractions


Wuyi Mountains is thousands of kilometers long, just like a green dragon flying among Min, Zhe, Gan and Yue, four provinces. The world famous Wuyi Mountains nature reserve of national level is just located on the highest place of the northern part of Wuyi Mountains; it has the biggest acreage, best-preserved mid-subtropical ecological system in southeastern China. It is selected as a world Wuyi Mountains travel biological reserve and the A Reserve with world protection value by the United Nations. The natural condition inside the reserve is very advantageous, the forest cover is well preserved, biological resource is very rich, and there are many rare birds and animals. Petra


2466 kinds of higher plants, 840 kinds of lower plants, 475 kinds of spinal animals, and about 5000 kinds of insects have been formally named. There are 26 kinds of most valuable plants, 56 kinds of national first and second China Tourist Attractions class valuable animals, in addition, several dozens of world rare breeds such as "Jiao Guai" can be found here.

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