YunFengShan mountain, Laizhou, China Tourist Attractions and Travel

Laizhou,located in the beautiful Shandong Peninsula is a coastal city with abundant natural resources and beautiful sceneries.The wide road,fresh air,dotted flowers,grass,trees,and marble statues make Laizhou like a garden city.


YunFengShan mountain travel, Laizhou Tourist Attractions


Yunfengshan Mountain is famous for Moya carved stone written by Zhengdaozao,a famous calligrapher in North Wei Dynasty (386~581).Moya carved stone is a rarity of stone carving art in china .Yunfengshan Mountain also have a lot of natural landscape, the peach flower in spring, the locust tree in summer, the maple in autumn are the best landscape in there.Greenland


YunFengShan mountain, Laizhou, China


Yunfengshan Pailou attractions


YunFengShan mountain tourism 

YunFengShan mountain tourism


YunFengShan mountain travel 

Moya carved stone


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