Zhaohu Mountain Park, Jiaodong peninsula, Haiyang, China Tourist Attractions and Travel

Zhaohu Mountain Park is located in the beautiful Jiaodong peninsula,It is in the northeast of Haiyang City. Zhaohu mountain is 549.7 meters above the sea level. The lie of the mountain is precipitous, the valley is dangerous and the peak is deep. Zhaohu mountain is a large plant kingdom including 14 kinds of the first and second grade plants protected by the state. There are also 180 kinds of animals living here.

Zhaohu Mountain Park travel, Jiaodong peninsula tourism, Haiyang Tourist Attractions

Yunding tourist area has a 500-mu light bamboo forest, the largest light bamboo forest in the north China. Zhaohu mountain park has abundant natural and cultural scenery . such as Wolong lake tourist area, Zhaohu mountain tourist area, Longmen valley tourist area, Red leaf valley tourist area, Yunding bamboo forest tourist area and Mountain village tourist area.Amsterdam

Zhaohu Mountain Park, Jiaodong peninsula, Haiyang, China

Zhaohu Mountain Park Tourist Attractions


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