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Zhumadian once named "Ramee inn" for its rich ramee.Since Zhumadian was located on one of the vital traffic lines around the country in ancient times ,it served as an important inn for couriers and traveling officers,and got the name of  "Post-horse-inn" consequently.In the early Western Zhou Dynasty ,Sping and Autumn period ,the king Zhougong ordered to measure the land .

Zhumadian travel, HeNan tourism, China Tourist Attractions

Thus found Zhongyuan is the center of China,Runan (Today's Zhumadian) is even more the center of Zhongyuan .So people heaped soil and based stones to form "Central Heaven Hill ." Yan Zhenqing ,a great calligrapher of Tang Dynasty ,made an inscription at a tablet as "Central Heaven Hill ." So the culture of Zhumadian is also called "Tianzhong Culture ."Prague

Zhumadian, HeNan, China

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