American Eating Custom and Practic

American eating is funny. They eat almost everything with a fork, and it appears that holding a knife in one's right hand longer than a few seconds is considered to be against good table manners.

The system is that if it is absolutely necessary to use a knife, people take the fork in their left hand, and cut off a piece of meat or whatever it is in the normal manner. Then they put the knife down, transfer the fork to their right hand, and only then do they transport the food to their mouth. This is clearly ludicrous, but it is considered good manners. Egypt

There are several results of this system. First, if it is not absolutely necessary to use a knife, Americans don't use one, because obviously this greatly complicates things, and you will therefore see them trying to cut things like potatoes, fish and even bacon with a fork. Second, towards the end of a course, since only one implement is being used, food has to bo chased around the plate with the fork - and for the last mouthful the thumb has to be used to keep the food in place, although one is not supposed to do this.

American Eating Custom and Practic

American Eating Custom and Practic


Third, tables are generally laid with one knife and two forks, the outside fork being for the salad. There is no need for foreign visitors to follow the American system and try to eat the salad with only a fork, but if you do use your knife, remerber to save it for the meat course. Even desserts (except ice cream) are eaten with a fork if at all possible, and the spoon you see by your dessert is meant to be for coffee (but if you use it for your dessert no one will say anything).

Some Breakfast Dishes

Breakfast in a restaurant is a very enjoyable experience. If you order eggs in a restaurant, the waiter/waitress will ask you how you want them . You can reply that you want them "scrambled" or "boiled". It is not sufficient, however, to ask for them "fried"; you will have to specify whether you would prefer them "sunny-side-up", "over", "over-easy/easy-over".

American sausage comes in slices and is quite spicy. But you can also have link sausage.

American bacon comes in small strips, can be rather fat, and is served crispy. It is usually very tasty, and you can eat it with your fingers.

"Hash brows" are shredded and fried potatoes. They are wonderful, especially with fried eggs and ketchup.

"Pancakes", sometimes called"hot cakes", are made with baking power. They are normally served in a pile, and you are supposed to put butter and syrup on them.
"Jelly" is jam and includes grape jelly, which is very tasty.
Toast is often served already buttered.

"English muffins" are like small crumpets without the holes and are served toasted. You put jam on them.

A "biscuit" is a snall, scone-like bread roll, often served hot.

Orange juice and coffee are often serced with breakfast.

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