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At the Vienna New Year Concert "Golden Hall" has caused the number of music lovers around the world admired, It is also "Golden Hall" gave birth to the Voice of the Vienna Philharmonic. Completed in 1870, the formal name should be called Music Association Hall by the Architectural Design Master Music Hansen.Hall, there were 1,654 seats and about 300 stations. Since the completion of the hall that day onwards, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in here, "pitched a tent." Golden Hall" with the Vienna Philharmonic Voice of the other, "the world's first Orchestra" and the "World Principal Hall" television.

Austria Tourist Attractions

the Danube

After listening to the concert, you may feel an upsurge of emotion, then walk around it along the Danube. On both sides of the river the shade and dense jungles, moonlight through irradiation down trees, kicking deciduous, quiet leisurely, the most appropriate way, How do most appropriate. John Strauss's "The Blue Danube Waltz" and "Vienna Woods story," "Vienna temperament" Perhaps this is created out of. Victoria Harbour

If it is in the daytime, a deep interest in it, then we can paddle boat, slowly ripple on the river to see both sides of the River vineyard, appreciate it a rich purple.At this point, you may vaguely heard "South Rose," "soft liquor, women and song" music, the works of Strauss, Vienna itself is a love for the annals.

Austria, Vienna, Golden Hall, Vienna Philharmonic, Danube, St. Stephen, Habsade

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St. Stephen's Cathedral (St. Stephansdom)

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna, which is located in the central downtown Vienna, it has "Vienna heart, known as" high church tower 136.7 meters, second only to its highly Wuermu Cologne Cathedral and the church, ranking third in the world.

Austria, Vienna, Golden Hall, Vienna Philharmonic, Danube, St. Stephen, Habsade

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St. Stephen's Cathedral was built in the 12th century AD, the earliest construction is now part of the door and around the side walls and doors of the Roman architectural style.

Habsade (Habsburger) dynasties ruled Austria, after the church was re-expansion, the construction of the north-south high tower two.

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SOUTH first made, 136.7 meters high, with Goethe architectural style. North tower built, but also has the flavor of the Renaissance.

The 18th century, the Cathedral conducted one extension, but right outside the walls of a baroque architectural style as the basis for the refurbishment.

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