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The creation of the great castle was due to Louis XIV who abandoned the Louvre to build a royal palace. In 1789 the royal family finally returned to Paris. In 1837, Louis-Philippe decided to convert it as the museum of French History. Nowadays, the castle has been restored to be as beautiful as in the past.

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The visit to the gardens in Versailles can be done on foot, but the mini train may be better. For a few Euros you can visit the park without effort. The train visites the Grand Canal, the park before going back to the Chateau of Versailles. You can hop on and off as many times as you want.Amazon

Chateau de Versailles, Paris, France

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Visitos should not miss two very special gardens found in Versailles: the "Orangery" and Vegetable Garden. In the "Orangery" there are 1,000 Mediterranean trees - orange, lemon and pomegranate trees.

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