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Map showing the location of Denmark including the Faroe Islands and Greenland Denmark's northernmost point is Skagens point (the north beach of the Skaw) at 57° 45' 7" northern latitude, the southernmost is Gedser point (the southern tip of Falster) at 54° 33' 35" northern latitude, the westernmost point is Blåvandshuk at 8° 4' 22" eastern longitude, and the easternmost point is Østerskær at 15° 11' 55" eastern longitude.

This is in the archipelago Ertholmene 18 kilometres northeast of Bornholm. The distance from east to west is 452 kilometres (281 mi), from north to south 368 kilometres (229 mi).

Denmark Tourist Attractions

Anderson's works are staged in Odense,with children and visitors acting out the parts. Among his famous stories are "The Ugly Ducking" and "The Princess and the Pea".Seoul
"The little Mermaid" went on to become the symbol of the city of Copenhagan.

Hans Christian Andersen is known beyond Denmark for his fairy tales, such as "The Emperor's New Clothes", "The Little Mermaid", and "The Ugly Duckling".  

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 Karen Blixen (pen name: Isak Dinesen), Nobel laureate author Henrik Pontoppidan, Nobel laureate physicist Niels Bohr, the comedic pianist Victor Borge and the Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard have also made a name for themselves outside Denmark.

The capital city of Copenhagen includes the Tivoli gardens, the Amalienborg Palace (home of the Danish monarchy), and the The Little Mermaid sculpture.กก

"The Emperor

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This is the family home, where the author spent his childhood. His father was a modest cobbler and Hans had to struggle to attract the world's attention. Today he is highly regarded as one of the most sensitive writers of his time and was the most capable of touching the chords of the human spirit.

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In the museum dedicated to him,which was set up in the house where the author was born, we find rare editions of his stories, letters, notes and manuscripts.

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The most interesting items in the museum are the writer's personal effects, enabling us to picture him still at work in these rooms. Here we also find a series of original illustrations by famous artists, inspired by his fairy tales and his life.

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