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France, approximately hexagonal in shape, has a boundary on the east with Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and is bounded on the southeast by Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea; on the south are Spain and Andorra, with the Bay of Biscay on the west and the English Channel on the north as natural borders.

France Tourist Attractions

A series of massive mountain ranges includes the Alps, which separate France and Italy, and the Jura Mountains that delineate the Franco-Swiss border. The Rhine River, at the northeast corner of France forms the Franco-German boundary. The Pyrenees Mountains, extending along the Franco-Spanish frontier from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Biscay, forms the other mountain boundary of France.Albuquerque


France attractions

 The capital and largest city in France is Paris, which attracts many visitors every year. Marseilles is a chief port and Lyon is an industrial center famous for its textiles. Other major France travel cities include Toulouse, an industrial and trade center; Nice, a resort; Strasbourg, a Rhine River port and industrial and commercial center; Bordeaux, a seaport and most famous for its wine.

France tourism

French perfume, champagne, and bridges in Paris

France flag

France flag


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