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Frogmore House lies in the tranquil setting of the private Home Park of Windsor Castle. A country residence of various monarchs since the seventeenth century, the house is especially linked to Queen Victoria. The house and attractive gardens were one of Queen Victoria's favourite retreats. In the gardens stands the Mausoleum where Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert are buried.

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The estates of Great and Little Frogmore first came into Royal ownership in the 16th century during the reign of Henry VIII.

The original house was built between 1680 and 1684 and was added to by successive sovereigns.

Frogmore House, Windsor Castle, UK

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From 1709 to 1738 Frogmore House was leased by the Duke of Northumberland, son of Charles II by the Duchess of Cleveland.

In 1792 George III bought the house for Queen Charlotte, who used it for herself and her unmarried daughters as a country retreat. She held receptions, fêtes and masques in the gardens.

Queen Victoria gave the house to her mother, the Duchess of Kent, in 1841. Earl Mountbatten of Burma was born in Frogmore House in 1900, and from 1902 to 1910 the future King George V and Queen Mary, with their children, frequently stayed there.

The Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, spent part of their honeymoon there in 1923, and from 1925 until her death in 1953 Queen Mary collected souvenirs of the Royal Family, some of which are on display there today.

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The site for the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore was chosen by Queen Victoria in the days following the death of Prince Albert in December 1861 but was not completed until 10 years later.

The Queen directed that as much as possible of the painting and sculpture inside should be in the style of Raphael, regarded by Prince Albert as the greatest artist of all time.

Queen Victoria regularly visited the Mausoleum and a service was held there each year on 14 December, the anniversary of Prince Albert's death. When Queen Victoria died in January 1901 her body was placed alongside that of her husband.

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Today, Frogmore House is no longer a Royal residence, but the house and gardens are sometimes used by the Royal Family for official purposes such as receptions.

Frogmore House, Gardens and Mausoleum are open to the public on a limited number of days each year.

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