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It's now more than 10 years since "The Wall" come down - but Berlin is still two cities - The Eastern sector is still under reconstruction but it is more exciting and definitely has retained its grandeur all the university buildings. opera houses and churches. some still pock marked by bullets stand along the Unter den Linden about 500 metres from Alexander Plutz in complete contrast to the square high storeys of 1960, flats, offices and hotels.

All within walking distance are the museums such as the Pergamon and now the Kunst (Art) - five in total which take days alone to explore. The former Reichsteig now grows daily into a new seat for Germany's Central Government in Berlin which is now the capital of Germany.


Germany Berlin£º A Tale of Two Cities



In the former Western Berlin the pace of life is unchanged - all the best shops. restaurants are here - plus the night life, if you still have the energy - Kurfurstendamm is still the street - 3.5km long, full of shops - many of them world famous fashion boutiques - and all the side streets - pubs and restaurants of every kind.Melbourne

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