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Hampton National Historic Site, located just north of Baltimore in Towson, Maryland, was once the center of a vast commercial, industrial and agricultural estate forged with indentured, enslaved, and paid labor. Hampton reflects a central irony in U.S. history£º that a nation newly created on the principles of equality and freedom could accept the institution of slavery.

Hampton National Historic Site travel, Towson tourism, Maryland Tourist Attractions

National events and social change - the Revolution, establishment of a new economy, slavery, the Civil War, Emancipation, and Reconstruction - are reflected in the site's cultural resources, an unmatched and comprehensive assemblage of structures, landscapes, collections, and archives, preserved by one family over ten generations.


Hampton National Historic Site, Baltimore, Towson, Maryland

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Inventories, diaries, and correspondence exist that document the working and living environments of enslaved people at Hampton. The result is an unusually complete chronicle that reveals the daily activities of the Ridgely family, laborers, and slaves, which illustrates 18th and 19th century history and design.Brisbane


The Ridgelys owned the Hampton estate from 1745 until 1948, when it was transferred to the protection of the National Park Service. The splendid Georgian mansion, completed in 1790, was the heart of an estate of approximately 25,000 acres, not all contiguous. Elements included an iron furnace, mills, several farm properties, and urban businesses. The home farm, with barns, workers quarters and overseer's house, was located directly across from the mansion and supported the mansion activities. Today the Baltimore tourism park encompasses some 20 buildings and 40,000 artifacts that survive to help tell the stories of the people who lived and worked here. The stories of the people of Hampton - enslaved African Americans, hired industrial and agricultural workers, and the estate owners, remind us that there is a human story behind the events that shaped this country.

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