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Munich at the northern foot of the Alps, is a Yishanbangshui, the beautiful scenery of the mountain. Germany is the most magnificent palace Cultural Centre. The world-famous Pijiu Cheng. As has 1.25 million residents of Germany's third largest city, Munich has been maintained by many of its ancient buildings such as church towers consisting of urban style. Munich is a cultural city with a large-scale addition to the National Library, 43 theatres and one has over 80,000 students of the University of Munich is also available in more than four, and this is the museum, park fountains, sculptures and more and more beer .

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Munich city about 50 public museums and collectors Museum. The museum was built in Germany in 1925, the Natural Science and Technology Museum. It has 33 exhibition halls, introduced in accordance with the scale of natural Daqian natural phenomena, but also to demonstrate the technological progress of human achievements. This was known as "technology maze," the museum has in fact become a study and understand the history of human technological development of good textbooks. Hidden Gardens of Paris

M¨šnchen attractions

München attractions


Munich is more water on the city, Yi Saer across the river from the city, many lakes formed by numerous large and small parks. Munich have all kinds of fountains over 2,000, many fountains are more than 100 years of history, such as in Bach's Weitebahe Fountain Square, Lexie Er - Diana fountain, and so on. These are ancient history of the fountain has become a famous tourist attractions.

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Munich is the Federal Republic of Germany's largest states - Bavaria, the capital. Bavarian folk culture was seen as very traditional and vitality.


The world

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The world's largest civil Night celebrations
Munich Oktoberfest is the world's largest civil Carnival, and 2010 will be the celebration of its 200th anniversary celebration. Every year, more than 6 million tourists from coming to participate in various celebration activities.

Large beer tents internal
In referred to as "grass" the entertainment field, particularly in Munich's old brewery tents, people every year Hediao 5 million litres of beer, and consume more than 500,000 chickens. The main celebration programmes are also members of festival organizers and beer manufacturers from the gorgeous freight carriage, clothing and rifle shooter procession and all the local banqueting all came to the festival venue band.

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