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Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. It is the third largest city in Germany, coming only after Berlin and Hamburg.

Look at the photo above, what a fantastic place to visit! This cosmopolitan city has held on to its traditional roots, giving you a taste of a true German village.

Munich travel, Bavaria tourism, German Tourist Attractions

Munich, or München as its known locally, will quickly become one of your favorite places you've been to.


Munich, Bavaria, German

Munich, Bavaria, German


Where to begin...  If you're able to make it here in September and the beginning of October, chances are that you'll hit the height of Oktoberfest season. This world-famous festival is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Vesuvius Volcano


Make your way to the Theresien Field where you'll be treated to fantastic entertainment, traditional Bavarian food, great music and of course, a huge selection of beer.


the Theresien

Although the beer is great, don't let that stop you from enjoying everything else Oktoberfest has to offer. The Hofbräuhaus, founded in 1589, is one of Munich's most popular tourist attractions and beer halls.


Oktoberfest Munich

Oktoberfest Munich


The Hofbräuhaus am Plaza

You'll experience a bit of Oktoberfest as you enjoy the delicious food in a great environment.


Classical Breakfast: Weißwürste with sweet mustard and a Breze (pretzel)

Just note that tables marked as Stammtisch are reserved for regulars, which holds true for all Bavarian restaurants. You can sit there as long as you want, but you won't get served.


Enough of the beer and food. Munich is also a fantastic city to visit for all the wonderful buildings that surround you.


Munich attractions

Munich tourism


The architecture showcases some of the finest Gothic , Baroque and Renaissance designs throughout Europe.


And you can easily explore these all by foot.


One of the most famous places in Munich is Marienplatz {as shown as the first photo of this post}.


This square is the starting point for many local festivals as well as home to the Rathaus.


Rathaus-Glockenspiel at New Town Hall

Its 260-foot tower as well as St. Peter's Church, dominates the Munich skyline. St. Peter's dates back to 1180 and is the oldest parish in Munich. It has a stunning interior worth exploring. If you can, make your way to the top where you'll be treated to a great view of the city.


Munich tourism

Munich attractions


Although Munich has many beautiful churches, another worth visiting is the Frauenkirche - Cathedral Church of Our Lady. The 15th century Gothic cathedral was beautifully restored after the bombings in 1945. Although the outside of this building is reason enough to come, inside you'll find art that spans over five centuries.


Typical to most European cites Munich is also home to beautiful palaces.


Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace


The Nymphenburg Palace, once used as a summerhouse for the Bavarian royalty, is now open to the public. Its landscape alone is worth a visit.


So basically, you could expect to sit in a classical German restaurant with bunch of beers in your hands. And now, you probably need a great football game at this moment.


Alianz Arena - The Home Staduim of Bayern Munich And TSV 1860

The two professional Munich football clubs FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München have played their home games at Allianz Arena since the start of the 2005/06 season.


Munich is also the headquater of BMW, the world famous automobile manufacture.


Munich travel

Munich travel


So I guess the reason why stadium looks like a auto tire is to remind us that Munich is not only the city of footballs and beers but also the city of automobiles.


But that's only my guess so far.


Z4, M6, and X6 of BMW

Well, already soooooo tired of writing. Let go ahead and browse some photos only. Here you go~


Olympiasee in Olympiapark


Olympiasee in Olympiapark

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