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As you wander around Pompeii, it is strange to think that you are walking along the same pavements and streets as people did over 2000 years ago. The roads are paved with slabs of grey, volcanic rock from Vesuvius - just like the streets of nearby Naples today.Swaziland

Pompeii Travel, Italy Tourist Attractions

The pavements were a lot higher than the level of road - for a very good reason. Not only did the road act as a drain for rainwater, but it also carried away a lot of rubbish and even sewage. This made it rather unpleasant to cross, so there were stepping stones to help people keep their feet clean.

Pompeii, Italy

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The stepping stones were arranged with gaps so that the wheels of carts could pass through. We know Pompeii tourism that the Pompeii Tourism streets of Pompeii carried a lot of wheeled traffic, because there are deep grooves where the wheels have worn away.

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