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Mozart performed throughout Europe in Prague, Vienna, and Paris, yet a special connection exists between Mozart and Salzburg, Austria where he spent his early years. In this mountain town setting, Mozart's music truly began to take shape.

To celebrate his 250th birthday this year, the city of Salzburg selected as its ambassadors a chamber orchestra boasting sixteen players and no conductor. Explore chamber music and Mozart's "Salzburg" Symphony.Kakadu National Park

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What makes chamber orchestra music unique? How do you best listen to it? Lawrence discusses the nuances of a "conductorless" ensemble, from the perspectives of both a player and a conductor. Should great composers' music be performed and possibly updated by a modern orchestra, or should it be played on the instruments of the time and in the manner originally intended?


Mozart House Salzburg, Austria

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Travel back in time to Salzburg under the Hapsburg Monarchy and tour the Salzburg tourism city through a slide lecture with Phoebe Busch, historian and German instructor at University College. Attend the Salzburg Chamber Soloists concert at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts with a newfound appreciation of the time, place, and the music.

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