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A tour of Vienna is a tour of monuments to excess.

Take Schonbrunn Palace, for instance. It was the summer palace of the Hapsburg monarchs from its construction in 1696 until the fall of the dynasty in 1918. It was enlarged by Maria Theresa in 1743, and remains today much as she left it.US Pacific fleet

Schonbrunn Palace Travel, Vienna Tourism, Austrian Tourist Attractions

The Million Room in it, named after the cost of the decorations - 1 million guilders - is a Rococo masterpiece. Inset in the paneling are 260 rare miniatures of Indo-Persian heritage. The frames are real gold leaf, and the paneling is precious wood. This was Maria Theresa's private salon.

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austrian

Schonbrunn Palace Tourism


The Great Gallery, modeled after a room in Versailles near Paris, has 35-foot ceilings graced with giant frescoes boasting of the power of the Austrian army. Massive crystal chandeliers reflect in the wall of mirrors, trimmed in gold leaf. Other rooms are decorated with Chinese lacquered panels, gilded work, ornate wood carvings and large Schonbrunn Palace travel murals.

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