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Seine, river of northern France, rising on the Plateau of Langres, near Dijon, and flowing northwest past Troyes, Fontainebleau, Paris, and Rouen, into the English Channel. The estuary, about 10 km wide, passes between le Havre and Honfleur. The river is about 776 km long. It is navigable for riverboats from Bar-sur-Seine, more than 563 km from its mouth, and for ocean shipping from Rouen, about 121 km from its mouth.

Seine river travel, France Tourist Attractions

The seine drains an area of more than 77, 700 sq km . It receives the Aube, Marne, and Oise rivers from the north and the Yonne and Eure rivers from the south. It is connected by canals with the Schelde (also called the Escaut), Meuse, Rhine, Saine, and Loire rivers.Orlando


Seine river, France

Seine river tourism


In January 1910 disastrous floods occurced; the river rose more than 7 m above its normal level at Paris, Serious flooding also occurred in 1993 and 1995. In ancient times, the Seine River was known as the Sequana.

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