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Lately, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) issued a document, stating that all the computers sold in China would be installed with the internet filter software --- " Green Dam-Youth Escort" from July, 1st. It further explained that the aim was to "avoid the deleterious influence of the negative information from the internet on the youth."

The notice of the installation of the "internet filter software" aroused immediate controversy over the internet. In order to establish the green, healthy and harmonious internet, and ensure the growth of the youth, it is pretty good to strike off the negative words and graphs from the internet by installing the "internet filter software" so as to ban the pornographic websites, but it is a little doubtful regarding its practical effect.     

Some people consider it is a great thing. But if it is free of charge for one year, who will pay for it after one year? It is better to enjoy the life-time free installation.New York

Others believe that there have been quite a lot laws and regulations for the safety of the minor over the internet. However, most of which are advocated and spread, rather than mandatory, such as Japan took great effort to spread the use of filter software, while it didn't take the rigid method to designate a specific one. It looks like a sheep "going for wool and coming home shorn". The free service of software lasts only one year, what about afterwards?

What is questioned is not that the government forces the installation of the filter software, but the finance of the central government only pays for the usage for one year, who will pay for the rest? Will the PC users be willing to pay for the software? If the government refused to pay for it, where will this software go?

How long will the Chinese government still pay for the "internet filter software?"


I think the government will pay for the software for a very long time until their cooperations with the companies break down. As we know, the two companies that developed the softweare are closely associated with the government, which means the whole deal is about the government giving favor to the two companies. In fact, there is only interest involved. As long as the government keeps push forward the software, the companies will receive money from it. There is no way to stop that from happening.


I think the government should afford it for lifetime.
But, I am a layman of IT, is it really that there's no method to prevent the people from doing the pornographic website?


For such a long time, the easy access to some pronographic article, picture or movies or film of violence have haunted many parents and our society, it’s time to take some action to deal with it. The installation of this software would ease the worries of phenomenon, and build up an healthy environment for the youth.

To the problem about who would pay for it one year later, I think it is our citizents turn to think about it. Our government just shows us that there is a way to protect the safety environment for the growth of the young, and the benefits would occur in short time, therefore, the citizents have to think about it. This group of people includes the businessmen, the owner of the PC, parents and even the manufacturer of the computers.

The spending our government burden now will be not so large when it comes to individual if all of us are willing to share the resposibilities and pay for it. Actually, this advovation is just the trial implementation, the beneficiaries and participants are every member of this community. Therefore, who should pay for it one year later, this is the problem we need to think about together with our government, not only Chinese government.


I don't think the government will pay for the internet filter software very long time, at the beginning, the governments will pay cause it's their responsibility and they have to face people and public.However, I think the Chinese government will ask people to pay by themselves after this program is mature.


It will be a problem in future days by gov. stop to supply the fund to this software. I think Central Gov. provide money for this software is good, it will influence publics deeply and effectively.
But from another view, I believe there will be also a great opportunity for some companies, they can join this project and do good cause for our futture generation, a develop-desired people need moral build and spirital's purity, in this sense, it's really a good opportunity to them for self-growing. This a win-to-win movement.

Just for reference. Tks.


It  should be long time.
If you want to avoid the deleterious influence of the negative information on the youth£¬please give them some mission. So many spare time the youth have that they can do everything what they want, including viewing pornographic websites£¬i think.


I don't think the method is worthy of advocation ,only install a kind of software can prevent the bad influence from some negative information over the internet on the minors that was not possible,whatever computers or softwares are only tools we used that was only a part of subject and we ourself are main body,it is us to control the computer ,if our will don't change then that effort is nothing.


It is really hard to predict for the moment. I believe goverment will take further measures according tho the effect of this software after one year.


In my opinion,this software should be free to shools,internet bars and some other public places like these.But for famliies,people should use this consciously.Especially for the families have children.More and more children are affected by bad internet culture.That's terrible.


it is not a problem.for example,windows,did you pay?i think most of us haven`t pay .you see,microsoft is very strong,but they have no idea .isn`t it?so you don`t afraid that you need pay.this is china.nothing is impossible.just as NIKE said,"JUST DO IT!"web safe is necessary.if you only think about the money,oh no,you needn` is the best important.


In fact,my goverment should pay for the soft,I think all the things is due to the education of the school and the environment of the society.the goverment should train the quality of the official,tell them how to improve the level of our people and how to develop the industry including the electric industry and the mechanical industry.pls not to do some useless things.In China most people's life is not good.they are narrowly live and the medical condition is bad.


I think this just is  the superficial we can see, but i'm thinking how much they get from this software company..
Actually, it's time for china's government to take action for this, i never expect to produce some software, but play their law's role.
Take chinese children and university students for example: they spend most of their time on playing computer games, they indulged in the network games everyday, even absent for the class. Here, we can't blame chinese pareants for the carelessness, it's not impossible for them to witness their children every minites, especially the university students. Sometimes, we 25-old people can't help playing computer games, addicted to it and can't control ourselves,  try to imagine, how this little children control themselves?
Although some game suppliers have set the time limited for the playing, but I wonder how useful it would be since it works?


In my openion, if necessary,somebody could installed the software by himself . Then they can pay for the software ,no need to consideing who will pay the last year. Govenment compel the software been installed  in PC saled since July 1st.  A certain extend .this action limited the freedom of consumer's option. It made someone feel uncomfortalbe.


As we all know, education in childhood is of great importance. Children seldom have the sense of right and wrong so as to need adults’ exact guidance. This filter can firmly eases parents more or less.
However, the further fee should be paid after a year is a problem. Who should settle the bill? Government or PC owner themselves? It will be a huge sum of money to afford which I think should be paid by government, Software Company, and PC users together.  In my opinion, no one would like to ruin the next generation and let them become a generation moral-disabled but sit on his thumbs.
Nevertheless, installing an internet filter is not the only way to protect the youth from unhealthy information. It calls for our intimate care.


which one will be the payer in next year. i think that totally depend on who is the biggest customer? if the software serves netizens more than government, and if it really work. that will gain good reputation which is much valuable than something else. if the software is governors scan machine. they pay.


Before answering the question, we should look into the root of the problem. Why there are so many pornographic websites, eradicated, but thriving again!  PROFITS!  It makes those greedy people ignore the heavy fines and sever punishments to build Porn Webs in secret
It is no denial that the government takes real action to crack down the Porn Webs with iron hand and take precaution to filter the porn graphs and videos with software called "Green Dam-Youth Escort". But, I'm afraid more sophisticated anti-filtering software will appear to make the filters lose their functions. The best solution, I think, is to lock the accounts that transfer money into the Porn Webs and trace the suspicious accounts and identify those who open it. When the outlet is cut off, profits stop flowing. As a result, those Porn Websites will disappear naturally.
A green and safe environment on line will regain its dominance for our youngsters to share the valuable information together.


I guess the Chinese government would pay for that software for a long time .
First, the goverment doesn't care about the cost,because it's all come from people,local municipality can spend it without an eye blinking.
Second,that software maybe can help the goverment collect some useful information form users,it's hard to let me believe that such a software only with filter functions can cost 40 million per year.
I think the best way to protect children from pornographic things is not a software,education must be the most importent part.An action like draging teenagers away is really stupid,because at those ages, they never follow rules,the more effects to keep them away,the more curiosity they will have.So, the only way to solve the pornographic problems is teach children the knowledge of sex,let them have an understanding of sex.When children know how to deal those things, the problems would no longer exist.
By the way, enforcing people to install such a software is a tort.


i think this mandatory installation of internet filter software can partly arouse the concern of youth's healthy growth. Even one year later, government will not pay for it, but i think most parents and adults will pay much attention and be willing to pay for the software in order to protect their next generation.


in my opion, if the goverment don't to pay at after a year .maybe the parent may be give to pay.because the internet filter software give a heathly environmen on net for the youth .i belive every parent will conside his son or daughter development .i feel  the goverment hope the youth happy to progress in heathly condition, too. in despite of  who will pay for , i wish the youth going to heathly grow.


As I heard about this fliter software on the day when the news issued by govenment, from the very beginning, I didn't think highly of this fliter software. Reasons are belowed, my several opinions on this hot matter

Though I'm not a IT elite, I do know sth about this software. It's not as good as it advertized by the government. Actually I don't care much about the fee, who will pay bill, whatever. Most computer lovers won't install this software coz they don't neet it. One hand, we're adults already, we can distiguish the information on the Internet by ourselves. On the other hand, most of the IT lovers don't like the seemingly useless program, everytime they log on their windows, it will be fored to log on the green dam software which will slow down the speed of the computer.

I'd better not chose to use this software.  If I bought a new computer which were installed the software already, I would uninstall it.

What the government do is for the children and the people who don't have a knowledge about computer or who don't have a basic judgement on dispute or the wrong and right. Their intention is good, but the software sometime will take the legal information for illegal or wrong. Does that infringe the legal rights of people? Think about it!


some people  consider it is a great thing .But if it is free charge for one year who will pay for it  after one year ? it is better to enjoy the life-time free installation
others believe that there have been quite a lot laws and regulations for the safety of the internet. however, most of which are advanced and spread,rather than regid such as Japan thake at effort to spread the use of filter software while it didn't take the rigid method to conmmand a specific one  . the free service only lasts one year ,what about afterwards            .
What is questioned is not that the goverment forces the installation of the filtel software      
but the finace of the goverment  only pays for the usage for one year who will payfor the rest
will the PC users bewilling for the software? if the goverment refused to pay for it
where the software will go?



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