Shall I break up with the extravagant girl who spent 5.5 Yuan on her breakfast?

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A friend called me this morning, and complained to me crying, her boyfriend would like to break up with her for she had spent 5.5 Yuan on her breakfast.

I summarized the words of her boyfriend as follows:

1. 3.5 Yuan a bottle (of Nutri-express)! I could hardly waste money for a bottle of mineral water! What's worse, you are no longer a virgin. How do you dare to ask for "Nutri-express"? Can't you just take some soybean milk which is only 0.5 Yuan?

2. Haven't you grown up? Aren't you considerate? Don't you know the financial crisis? Don't you know the hardship of man? Why can't you relate to me? I am not a tycoon. I have to work from early in the morning till late in the evening. I have to pay for the mortgage of our apartment and car; I have to take good care of parents. How could you waste my money?

3. How can you get along with the extravagant woman who is inconsiderate, incapable of housekeeping and wasting money? I suspect whether you fall in love with me for sake of money! It is not worth t loving such a material woman with mere money in her eyes! Let's put it to an end!


Shall I break up with the extravagant girl who spent 5.5 Yuan on her breakfast?

Shall I break up with the extravagant girl who spent 5.5 Yuan on her breakfast?


I feel miserable and funny from the topic of today. The miserable thing is the man in the article thought its something to do with whether you are a virgin by his girl friend spent 5.5 Yuan. The funny thing is there is such man wants to break up with his girlfriend simply because she spent 5.5Yuan.

I am lucky, I was not that girl and I have never met such guys. The couples' life is to understanding each other, supporting each other. If you can lead a happy life, is anything wrong with sending money, drinking the Nutri-express? To be alive in this world, will you feel tired with caring every small staffs?

In fact, we can understand that the man dose not love that girl anymore from the topic. No more to say it cost his 5.5 Yuan, even with o.1 Yuan, he will never feel shi is lovely anymore. If you want to break up, don't look for excuse, just say it out if you are a man. Northern Mariana Islands

How about that girl, she is miserable as well, can't you be independent with your own economic? Or you just want to save your own money, in stead to spend your boyfriend's? you have to, once your stratagem was found by man, it's very awful. As a good woman, please be independent from the man, be brave, don't be lead by man.

As a wife, I want to save money for my husband, but it also hurt him some times. For example, we go to a good restaurant to have a meal. I think it's too expensive when I see the menu. So I just chose some cheaper dishes for me, however my husband can find what am I thinking. And ask me:  "why do you chose the cheap one always, you are afraid I can not pay for it? do you think my salary is not enough ?... we come here for enjoying...".  Actually, I want to be good for him, somehow, it adds stress to him and hurt him.

The life is short, saving and enjoying, which is important?


The answer depends.

(1) If the girl earns money, she should buy things (not only breakfast) by herself, because they are just friends, but not couples. But if the boy wants to buy things for her, then there is no problem. Actually the boy is unwilling to buy breakfast which is 5.5RMB for her, so if the girl wants financial independence, she shouldn't let the boy buy it for her, because the boy is not responsible to buy things for her.

(2) Someone may say they are friends, who may be couple in some years, they should consider for each other,5.5RMB is such a small amount of money, the boy should not so stingy and it has nothing to do with if the girl earns money. Yes, that's what I want to say now.

(3) I can figure out that the boy is very economical, he even doesn't buy mineral water which is 1RMB only. And we have to admit that less and less young people are so economical. Is it good or bad? It also depends. If the boy doesn't buy anything which is useless and expensive, it's economical, but if he even doesn't buy anything which is necessary, it's stingy a little bit. Water is necessary for human-being, so it's not a waste as he said in the topic.

(4) I think they lack communication. Rome was not built in a single day. The character of the boy is not formed in a short period of time, either. If he thinks it's not right to do something, no matte if what he says is right, he should tell the girl his feeling and let the girl decides if she agrees with him. But not when he found she spent 5.5RMB on her breakfast, break up. It's too hasty.

(5) As the boy said, we are encountering the financial crisis, we should use our money wisely. I won't judge if the girl is right, because each individual is different, but part of the boy's words are right, everyone has big pressure, don't spend money on luxury things if you are not wealthy enough.

(6) Communicate well with each other, it's not a big deal, don't say break up so easily if you really care about each other.Hold your partner's hand and overcome the difficulties.


If only for her so called "luxury":spenting 5.5 yuans on one breakfast,then you want to break up with her. Maybe you are a poor or you just want to break up with her and the "5.5 yuans on one breakfast " is just an excuse,a bad excuse!
If I am the girl .Go ahead!Such kind of boy friend should be dumped!


It depends. What you eat and where you eat.
It will take you more than 10 yuan for the breakfast in KFC.
I think 5.5 yuan is acceptable. If you are a student, it seems a little expensive.


That's such a far-fetched excuse.If you want to dumpt her, dump her, don't be hypocritic.
I've never met with such a mean person, nor will I be in good terms with them.
But, thinking of his girlfriend not being a virgin before they met--- I think were I put in his shoes, I wouldn't get over with that easily. It's a grappling problem I'll struggle with. Maybe I also will use an excuse to break up with her.  "Get off my face!" I will blow up, I think.


todoy's topic is ridiculous.
it is the first time to know that the couple on earth want to break up is because the girl spent 5.5yuan to eat the breakfast.
to be honest, i really don't know what to say, and especially mentioned that the girl hasn't right to enjoy the  nutri-express just because the girl is no longer virgin, oh ,it's unbelievable .if i were the girl , i would rathe die than spend another day with her boyfriend


That pitiful guy can't afford having a wife. If he could not bring his girlfriend good life, his girl would leave him eventually.

So I think that it is wise for the guy to bring an end to his relationship with the girl who is extravagant.

Otherwise he will suffer when his girlfriend ask him to go out.


Funny story, the boyfriend said  "What's worse, you are no longer a virgin. " this is the funniest thing I've seen today. Besides, is "Nutri-express" very tasty? I've never tried one.

It's like the crappiest story in thecrappiest movie, even crappier than CCTV's programs. I have no idea such things happened in daily life.

This guy is really mean, just based on a 5.5 yuan breakfast he threw out the conclusion that his girl is an extravagant woman, and hangs out with him for sake of money. It's really illogical, itseems to me it's the guy that gets the girl for sake of having sex, and he has a hobby for virgin.

This girl is really poor, firstly she lost virginity and then she got dumped for her boyfriend's lame excuse.


Just one question, is this girl independency autarkically? If she is independency, she has the right to spend money on her breakfast for anything.

If she is not independency, I sugest her to break up this relationship for other lavish boy.

But my first intuition, the aim of his despitefulness to the girl is very clear. Yes, his aim is to break up. The reasion he to do this is either falling in love with other girl or other reasions.


You don't suit for each other, please break up.
Appearantly, your boy friend is very mean. I am still a student, 4-yuan-breakfast is normal, I do not think spending 5.5yuan on breakfast is extravagant. As we all know,breakfast is vital for a day's work, so no need to be thrifty on it.
Actrually, in my opinion, you had irritated him before, he spoke out this time because he could not endure your extravagance any more. He lauched war to you means you have two choices: U have to change, like what he mentioned, be considerate, be thrifty, be capable of house-keeping, which are where he was disatisfied with you. Or u must depart from him,break up with him. It is almost impossible to change others, also change ourselves. So the second one is pratical and preferable.
So listen to the voice from ur heart, be brave to make rational decision. he do not deserve your  tears.


I can't believe that such kind of boy friend ,it's terrible for me .
it 's good for her break up with her boyfriend


A breakfast cost ing 5.5 yuan is more or less. After read  yourtsummarize, the boy seems to be a cheapskate,but what he said is really true,although  the reason is not enough for a breaking-up.
In my opinion,the girl should save money as posible as she can;the boy should care more about his girl friend,because a breakfast which cost 5.5yuan is not much.yes he had to support the family,but girlfriend is also one member of the family(if he really lover her) and he must take good care of his girlfriend too. on the one hand,his"cheapskate" indicate he is a responsible man who is worth to marry;on the other hand,he would like to take good care of his parants and would not like to pay 5.5yuan for his girlfriend's breakfast,which also indicate that the boy do not love the girl.
Accordingly,i come to my conclusion,nobody can make the decision except the girl,because the girl know the boy more than us.maybe the boy real love the girl,he just hope the girl consider more and save a little money.....




Fist,I don't know where it happened,in shanghai,paying 5.5 yuan to have a breakfast is not so much,even though in some small cities, eating this kind of breakfast occasionally is not excessive.

the man think his gf is not a virgin, so she can't spend so much money on breakfast, It's ridiculous. You can't accept it, then why did you make her as your gf at first? You love her, and you should accept it,it's not important whether she is a virgin, what matters is that she has virtue.


It's a tragic topical of affair breaked up merely by the girl spent 5.5yuan on her breakfast.frankly speaks,I despise the man ,his action made a hurt to the girl and insult all men of  the world,as people could say "look!that's the instance for change-heart'men ".
perhaps,the girl is extravagent girl actually .you can't adapted youself with her ,perhaps you haven't loved her,but as a man of hornor shouldn't made so absurd reason to dismiss your lover who even has lost your feeling.


The focus is the boy concerned with his money and wheather his girlfriend is a virgin or not.If he only love his money and the virgin,they should break up quickly!
He is not a real man!


How can you get along with the extravagant woman who is inconsiderate, incapable of housekeeping and wasting money? I suspect whether you fall in love with me for sake of money! It is not worth t loving such a material woman with mere money in her eyes! Let's put it to an end!


Bravo! Finally the girl got a chance to leave this shit!!! it's good to see him through and it's much more better that u haven't married him. A brand new life is waiting ahead of you. Let's forget those hurts and be independent. Make your money and spend it up in any way you like. This is a new century of women. This is our time. We have to say goodbye to our vulnerabilityand be strong. Maybe this discussion is joke somebody made up but i mean what i say.


Frankly speaking,I don't think it's a truth,if it's true,I really couldn't accept such things.

Well if I was the girl,I will spend my own money on doing everything I like,I think there is nobody will treat us more serious than ourselves.What he did is such a shame that I have to wonder about whether there is something wrong in his mind.A breakfast cost 5.5 yuan,he thought it meant wasting money,and how to avoid wasting in his opinion?Doesn't he eating anything,or he just drinks water and eats steambread?In other words,since he has a girlfriend,he should try his best to care for her,not complains.I support they break up as soon as possible,the girl will be sure to find a better boyfriend.

If there is such man around me,I will feel shame.It's said that man are generous,really?When I saw this passage,I become more extreme,so this is just my extreme opinions.


I think the boy don't love the girl, 5.5 yuan isn't a big charge, I can't believe a boy will leave a girl only because this reason. I feel that if this girl don't have a job, if you don't have a job but use other's money, I think this girl is wrong( I am a girl), I have a job, but I never have a 5.5yuan's breakfast, maybe 5.5yuan isn't a big charge but most of us won't have breakfast with so much money, and the boy has so much pressure, so maybe he think this girl isn't his cup of tea. Many person wish to find a girl that can decrease their pressure and understand their hardship. maybe if I am the boy, I will leave this girl, she can't understand others, her boyfriend use so little money in order to save more money. So if a boy don't have a very good condition, they won't want to afford this girl.
I don't think this girl is very thrift. She don't know how to save money


if it is not a joke, then it is the man who was looking for an excuse to break up with the his girlfriend. however, the man is very disgusting, he can only make it clear that he wanted to finish their relationship rather than talk nonsense.


I think the woman should break up with that silly man, otherwise she will die for hungry one day. Also, I don' think she will get happiness in the future if she continue be together with the silly man. And the man should not own a wife in his life. Let him sleep with the money!Silly!!

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