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Life satisfaction, originally a psychological term, denotes the degree of people's satisfaction to life. It is determined by many factors, both psychological and physical, and other aspects which will have influence on your satisfaction to life. 
However, it is a relative concept. People try to pursue the perfect all the time, which seems to be endless. Then, what is the degree of your life satisfaction at the present?
Are you satisfied with your life? Talk about your degree of satisfaction.

Chinese, Talk about my satisfaction to life


Talk about my satisfaction to life
I think most of people won't say" yeah, I am totally satisfied with my life." Because human being, as an intelligent animal,  are always in a condition of pursuing a better life with more happiness.
To me, I am not satisfied with my life, at least, a half of it.  Far away from my family, have not stabilized, looking for a better job... Life is still a big question mark to me, I couldn't find my way that I should go. I am just puzzled, like a small boat in the wide sea. It is so difficult for me to see clearly where I should go and what I should do next step. I know, it's up to me, only I could decide my direction. So, just now I need some changes. change my way of life, change to another circumstance, and another social relation circle...  
To others, they may face all kinds of troubles and difficulties. Just each one has his own things to fuss about. We couldn't have perfect, nor we will. We just keep on pursuing it, all the time. It is endless, of course.Kiribati
Although most of us won't feel life to be satisfied, there's one sentence: " There is no better than here." Happy is the key to life,  and it is the joy in the jurney that trully matters. So, if you always see the beauty in the life, you will feel happy. Don't think about whether you feel satisfied about your life or not. In the days to come, never care about your loss and the things you haven't. Always think about the happiness you have and the positive part of your life, and always feel happy. Just pursue what you want and do what you want to do. Let's put them into effect.




I think the rate of my satisfaction only is 50% ....

I am same as natural people, I am married and parturiented already, Have one husband and one child,triumphantly established a integrated family, then to start our family life......But my family life isn't satisfying, because of :

1, I have family but not house in fact, because my husband come from country, and that his has six brothers.When we are marriage, only give me a sigle room, never have a hourse which is genuine belong to us at all!

2,Gladly I had procreated a bb, but for life, I come back to office again after maternity leave, let my dau staying at home! Thence my life is bitter which with miss my dau

3, Although my husband love me dearly, but not bread,  only depend on love you can eating? So, for family life after marriaged, Wich is more important between bread and love? I think it is bread!

So, I and my husband work hard, earn money hard...Our life should be best more and more! Give a encourage to us, also to everybody!



I don't think somebody satisfy his life Objectively; but maybe he is content with his life subjectively.
So it depends on his Mentality.
If you love the life, you are content with everything you have even if you lead a poor life.
If you dislike your present job, family, and housing and so on, you can't get a bit of happiness.


This is really a good topic, for me, or for most people, life is far away from satisfaction, we still want to get more when we've got something we expect to own. Human beings are greedy, to own a contented heart is quite difficult for most people including myself. It's just like weight reduction, I always tell myself if my weight is reduced to 45 KG, I will be satisfied, and will not thinking about reducing weight any more, but when my weight reaches 45 kg, I still think I'm a litlle fat, it would be better if I'm a little thinner, my another aim appears, I must reduce my weight to 44kg, I'm not sure, if I achieve this aim, will I stop reducing weight. I cite this example  here just to show, most people are never satisfied with their present life, when you get to the top of a hill, a higher hill appears, waiting for you to conquer, will you stop your footsteps and feel satisfied with your achievement? I think most people will say "No".
Besides, many people are struggling on the brink of life, they don't have their own house to live in, it's even difficult for them to make ends meet. for me, I'm out of work now, and my husband is the only breadwinner to support the whole family, I try to be optimistic with my present life, and tell myself everything will get better soon, but deep in my heart, I don't know when, and I'm confused.
Are you really satisfied with your present life? Do you really mean it when you say "Yes"?


Just a few years ago, I still often complained about having no much money to buy what I wanted,my boyfriend being no good enough,the social inequality and so on. In the past 30 years, I have had too much unsatisfation on my life. However, when I saw several acquaintances died of horrible disease,i.e,cancer, I finally realized that health was most important of all to us. Now I don't feel great pressure any more just because of no working promotion, will never complain about my BF earning too little and never be sad that I am not beautiful. As long as my families are healthy and happy everyday, I will be very satisfactory with my life.


This topic will make us thinking whether we satisfied with our life? May be most of us reply : no!  Yes, as man's appetite is endless and  always pursues the better.
One's life consist of daily life, job, love, friends and ect. For me still in the first job, it's  tedious and boring, butI have been insisting on this for one year and a half. This boring work has directly affected my mood and my life,  so I feel unsatisfied. Except this, I could say my life is happy even though I am poor, for I have a happy family, many friends and I find my bf who treats me as his whole . Even though the future road I with him is hard to walk, I firmly believe only we go forward with one heart, the future is bright.
Enough is as good as a feast !
Healthiness, happiness is whole!


I think my present life is not bad. My mother has just defeat the disease and my plan of furthering my study abroad has just accepted by them. Of course my present life is just not bad. In every step of life, we also have different dreams. Nowadays i just want my mother get more and more healthy and i can do well in my career. I'm satisfide not with the life but with myself as i know the direction of my life. I will try my best to achieve my goal.



However,I don't satisfy my present life in some degree.I have a very happy family,my parents and my elder sister.My father is a retired worker ,my mother is a full time wife.The whole family is relay on my father,now,i still a student,so my father has to work for my expensive tuition,which let me feel sorry,because i have been a grown person ,i have to shoulder my own responsibilities.the present problem is that i will graduated next year ,to me ,find a job is so hurry and find a job i like is so difficult.though my university is a 211 key university ,my major is also a key profession ,but this is not fit for girls ,so most of my classmates choose to give up further study in this profession,and will go directly to me,my father ask me to take part in the competion of civil service exam,but i don't like it very much,the more important thing is that i don't want to let my parents down once more.they have done so much for us,and they just want we have a better life,and a safe living.
i am really not sure which way to follow.however ,they are the most important and loved persons in my life,i don't want they worry me too much,and i hope they will have the later life much happy after having working for the life so far.
for the happier,i think i satisfied my current life ,but to the unpredictable tomorrow,i am not sure .
bless for all the kind people ,have a happy life and feel satisfied about life.



This is a good topic, really. It brings us into the deep thought of our life. I just finished reading all the replies above. Life is so various, and every people has a different story. I am glad I could read some here.

Well, I don't know what to say. I don't actually feel good these days'coz I feel lost and puzzled about my future. After thinking over and over again, I decided to quit my current job as it will do no good to my future development but only waste my time.  Due to the fear of uncertainty, I dare not make such decision until a couple of weeks ago.

I am relieved now that the decision was made, yet meanwhile, I am upset. I don't know what is waiting for me.

When talking about life satisfaction, to me it is just a kind of attitude to life. Sometimes I feel satisfied, but sometimes not. Now I just hope that I can happily enjoy what I already have and patiently pursue what I don't have but desire to have.   



When it comes to my satisfaction to life, I would say yes to some extent. It doesn't mean that I think things in my life are good enough but because that I am always positive towards my life though there are something far from satisfactory.
Admittedly, nothing can be perfect, but it can be better. As to me, the most important thing is that there is a certain goal in my life which I'm willing to pursue and spare no effort. I enjoy the feeling that something be paid back in returns of paying out. In my mind, that remaining something you want but have got does not mean imperfect. It is just the thing you are going for that brings the meaning to you life and make your life colorful.
There's no denying the fact that life is fall of sufferings and challenges which we have to face. The key to live a satisfactory life depends on your attitude. To the changing life, what we can do is to try our best, pursue what we dream of, change what we can change and adapt to what we are unable to change.
Please treasure what you have owned and go for a better life!



Have not been here for a few days.
The topic is related to everybody, everyone must have some to say.
While seen the topic I am now in a depression state. I have graduated from my school for one year, people all around me tell me should be married to a man. So as my parents. All saying form them is like a mass in my heart. I absolutely aware that I am old enough to marry. But I want to marry to someone I want, I do not marry just because it is the time to marry. One friend advise me not to carp at too much . This thing has kept me crazy these days. The affection is not so satisfied with me in my now life. I need a boyfriend.
While as happiness, we can not greed too much. I have all my parents, my brother is at school, a job though the salary is not so high, a few friends. But there is one thing I am not satisfied, I lack of beautiful clothes and make-up. While it does not affect the happiness of mine.



As every people said most of people will not satisfied with their life .i have the same feeling about that . ...
It's a very profound topic about life .everybody wanna lead a colorful and productive life.but reality was cruel .so ,everybody will meet too much  trouble at any situation any time on the way to happy life .  in spite of this ,we should keep a good mentality to conquner all of hindrance to our happy life that we wanted .
I think always keep positive to expect someting you want get .as long as our effort enough ,enjoy enough .so no matter the result is it .that's not very important .
I just alway tell myseft .no matter what stage are you in ,poor ,rich .just be a happy person ,and enyoy every miniute in your life .



All the point of the friends are great.
To me,I agree with the Need Hierarchy theory.People are trying their best to pursue the better and better life,in every aspect.
Therefore,I am satisfied with my life in some degree.For example,I have a loving and lovely girlfriend,wonderful family,and a job I like.
Also,there are something that I amnot satified with,like my body is not strong enough,and I don't have enough money:)
In a word,the things that you are satisfied with make you happy and secured in the life,and others stimulate you move your step.



When talking about satisfaction, my first instance is that it's all about how one perceives happiness. We cannot deny the level of satisfaction being partially influenced by the tangible assets that we possess, what really counts, however, is our mindset. It is our belief and perception that form the message that "I'm contended" or "Life sucks".

Most of us are taught that we need to achieve success in order to be happy. And the implicit suggestion on being successful is through the acquisition of material goods. That is why so many people mentioned above that they're not happy because they do not have their own houses or they are not rich or they don't have decent jobs and so forth.

One question here, does a lot of money guarantee satisfaction? Material goods is definitely important to social people like us but it is never the decisive factor to mental satisfaction. Rather, it's our mindset and attitude that determines.

Life is full of ups and downs. Think it the other way round, it is the existence of imperfection that reflects the positive side of life; and it is the process of working towards the goals that make us better individuals and make our life complete.

As for me, I'm generally satisfied with my life so far as I know there're many things that I can achieve with my own effort. And I do appreciate all the valuable assets I have, both tangible and intangible, that make my dreams possible.

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