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Kakadu National Park in northern Australia in Darwin, capital of the eastern city 200 kilometers (about 100 east of Darwin Qianmi Chu). Area of 19,804 square kilometres (equivalent to the French island of Corsica twice).


Kakadu National Park has in the past is an indigenous autonomous regions, the Government of Australia in 1979 was turned into a national park. Kakadu National Park in the three centres in 1981, 1987 and 1992 were included in UNESCO's "World Heritage List."


Kakadu National Park travel, Australia Tourist Attractions


Park is a modern man for the preservation of a pristine natural heritage and rich cultural heritage of the Resort.


Park preserves the integrity of the original natural ecological environment, Yuyucangcang the beautiful virgin forest, all kinds of rare wild diverse plant and animal species, many are unique to Australia, so that visitors stop. Park also maintains the Australian mainland the first human footprint in order to preserve 2 million years ago between the cliff caves of the original murals and famous. These Yahua rich and varied, both myths and legends have life scenes, very strange. The life of primitive people is evident. Kos


This is the most northern Australia has a vast wilderness, the Australians in this region is called "top." Its natural beauty vary from place to place, as the seasons change.


Kakadu National Park, Darwin, Australia

Kakadu National Park, Darwin, Australia


Here is a savannah climate, the rainy season and dry season sharp contrast: the tropical monsoon notable here is divided into the rainy season and dry season. The climate here is to determine the geographical features of hydrology, vegetation, land forms the main factors. 90 percent more rainfall concentrated in the November to April the following year between the rainy season, local thunderstorms, caused by monsoon low pressure caused by heavy rain and tropical storm activity is the typical characteristic of this climate. This is the most rainfall in Australia one of the regions. 5 to October dry season, virtually no rainfall, land is very dry. Generally speaking, the Kakadu National Park travel average annual rainfall from the coastal areas to inland areas decline, from 1,565 mm down to the southern region of about 1,100 to 1,200 mm. Humidity in the January to March among the highest. High temperatures throughout the year. On average maximum temperature in July of 33 ' C to October between the 42 ' C. Obviously the seasonal rainfall led to surface water flow has two distinct phases. Park has Naorui begging-chul River and Ma Zhela River, water sufficient. In the rainy season, the river rose, the area experienced a flood of low-lying invasion. The river reached the highest level, formed a series of shallow depressions and other forms of dried up river. Isolated from the bay, will Jiman water during the rainy season, many twists and turns winding river flows to the sea. By the end of the dry season, water flow stopped. Lowland plants in the dry season will be drying Coke, Lin was burned black.


Douya a rugged national park along the east and south wind over 500 km into the edge of Arnhem Land plateau tag. Jishui Tan on the low side Kakadu, the Jishui Tan Wei-blue next to a lush growth of Melaleuca forest, lowland plains the annual rainy season floods, the Arnhem Land Doubi towering on the horizon.


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1845, the European explorers had Laiqihate from Bulie Si classes starting near the east coast, made the first four months of a one-year Hengguantailu adventure. In this epic journey, he was difficult to turn the Arnhem Land plateau, see the "many Qixingguaizhuang sandstone", "Yan Feng and overgrown with all kinds of plants in the gully, covered up across the plateau we will encounter Half of danger. "Buluokeman the sun shining in the mountains, the mountain is the sacred sites of indigenous Australians, known as the" sacred rock. " Park in the cliffs stretching up to 450 meters. Douya canyon from the edge of involvement in some places Douya as high as over 460 meters, thunderous waterfalls throughout the rainy season over.


From mighty tall waterfall pouring down the cliffs, magnificent momentum. The two most Kakadu National Park attractions spectacular waterfalls as high as 200 meters is the result of Jimujimu Falls and named after the shape of the "Twin Falls", the two currents Feixie 100 meters from the plateau.


Douya below the low ground, the distribution of grasslands, forests and swamps, stagnant water movie, rivers aspect. Laiqihate transferred Kakadu wilderness of the main rivers in the major rivers "Crocodile River East" around the beautiful scenery of records down: "We walked into a landscape of the valley... Qili its east, west and south are The towering mountains, almost no trees from the green on the grassland. "


East Crocodile River meandering flow from the lowlands. Lowlands covered with all kinds of plants, reservoirs and Ogawa embellished the meantime. Chunchao quarter of the wind and rain and flooding in lowland areas of Kakadu, the formation of many small islands and Ogawa. Kakadu through the lowlands, you'll see where the Kakadu National Park tourism terrain changes. Wang Li edge of Arnhem Land plateau erosion, the remaining number of high standing in the rock outcrop on the low, low-lying grassland in some places is: there are some areas of eucalyptus forests, the Health and the Melaleuca swamps and Jishui Tan.


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Park Construction of the relative stability of the natural landscape here is the major reasons, both have the characteristics of the old activities of the modern landscape. Here the most ancient rock more than 20 million years of age. Park Park most of the land has experienced serious weathering and leaching. Park, there are four major types of land. Arnhem Land plateau western border with spectacular cliffs, Fei Liu the waterfalls, caves secretive. Cliff stretching over 500 kilometers and a high degree of 30 to 330 meters in between. This is due to a strong wind capacity of the quartz sandstone in the wind coverage of weak rock, the rock bottom due to erosion has become weak and the destruction of the overlying sandstone eventually collapse. This has caused many Doubi and caves, these rocks and caves drawn map of many local Aboriginal rock paintings. This intricate rock landslide caused numerous niche, thus the biota of the plateau ecological complex and diverse types, with many different combinations of species, some of these glaciers are relict of the period. Cliff in aquatic Kakadu National Park tourism habitats for fish in the dry season is an important refuge, several of which the distribution of extremely limited. Most of the plateau on the Late Cretaceous rock was washed out, exposed to the following wind of the stronger ability layered quartz sandstone, creating a rugged landscape now. The lack in most parts of the plateau soil, the road surface is exposed and sandstone outcrops. The plateau is at the top of the soil, soil thickness in some areas reached as much as 150 centimeters. However, in the highland valleys in many sporadic distribution of land is the land of rain forests and ancient relics of the Jie provide a living space. Most hill basin in the park and the southern part of the hill forming the erosion of the modern, active fault of the triangular structure, distribution structure are inclined in these slopes. These structures have some distance between the surface ranging from the alluvial fan by the partition. A series of gentle ups and downs of the lowland plains, located in Darwin and Arnhem Land plateau basin between. The coastal plain rivers and tidal rivers is jointly controlled zone. They formed a modern form of the surface, but also the ever-changing surface patterns.


Kakadu is a charming place, the region's rich in birds Surprisingly, there are more than one-third of Australian bird species (about 280 varieties) will have at least one year in a period of time living in this national park . The most representative is Cangying birds and waterfowl. Park's large lakes and wetlands is a paradise for water birds in the dry season, millions of birds gathered here, the scene is spectacular. Kakadu plants provide habitat for birds establishments and the most common neck stork, the North is a symbol of tropical regions of Australia. Its plumage is white and dark green of the question, the rich luster, very beautiful, often in stagnant water in low-lying land and fresh water lake, birds and other birds such as blue fin (a Kingfisher) in search of food. Avian Bird Wong beautiful Australia Tourist Attractions clear voice, mildly pleasant to the ears for the entire park adds unlimited vitality. In the evening when birds nest, bird-ming Niaoti in an uproar Xirang sound of the more vibrant.


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When night fell, water Tangbian out of the jungle and many dogs, needle mole, bison, crocodile, and so on from the nests by feeding, the animals were a large number of specialty Oceania. A foot Miao, Crocodile Bay, Australia alligators, rare birds, such as small kangaroo.


In the early 1980s, in the northern parts of the floodplain, about 300,000 buffalo. Australians believe that these buffalo trampled plants, destruction of freshwater and salt water separated the alluvial embankment, also with bovine tuberculosis, to human health, wildlife and pose a threat to cattle industry. To the late 1980s, almost all the buffalo have been killed or driven out of the park.


Kakadu spread on the grass in many sizes, shapes of different mound. Some more than a few metres high, some low. These are termites die. Qun termites are insects, each only have their own responsibilities. In each of the hardware such as cement shell mound, had a maze-like channel, the ants die compass termites most particularly, 2 to 3 meters high, looks rough, like the narrow width of the tombstone. Are south, north narrow, East and West broad.


It has been that the termites can sense magnetic compass, so the ants die like the compass direction in the same building. It now appears that only seems to be the impact of the sun, the temperature in the Kakadu National Park travel nest, consider the regulation. At noon, the ants die narrower for the sun to avoid overheating in the nest. Sunny in the morning and at night the weakest, the ants die-face towards the sun, in order to absorb the most heat. In this way, within the nest to keep the temperature around 30 degrees Celsius.


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Kakadu is Australia's indigenous Agagu Mrs homeland, Kakadu National Park on to the name of the clan name. Their ancestors, at least in Si Wannian ago moved from Southeast Asia, first by crossing the sea from the island, and later in the ice age when sea surface low along the new Guinea arrived in this land. Mrs Agagu indigenous heritage is also the survival of the world's most ancient culture, since a human to villages in the form of settlement in the Middle East and the first time since the beginning of farming has existed for 40,000 years of culture. Now all the survival of the culture can be traced back to a period of history, and our ancestors, however long that period of history has to the community compared to much shorter. There is no culture of which more than Kakadu National Park clearly show ancestors of the cultural heritage of Australia relations.


Kakadu in accordance with the legend, Kakadu wilderness is their female ancestors Walamolun Gandhi created. Her out into the sea from land, and give life to people. She came with the creation of other gods, such as the grid - to create the giant rock. Some ancestral gods completed on a mission to create the scenery, such as the grid into a rock outcrop, such as the crocodile-shaped back. Park is the most indigenous of all, they land leased to national parks and wildlife management departments.


However, Kakadu is far more than mother nature's miracle included a large display window, human life has been here 50,000 years. In Kakadu National Park, found the Australian mainland the first human footprint. These mainland Australia the first Kakadu National Park attractions human footprint is the world famous Kakadu National Park a major reason. In the East River bank in Rock Hill, found 23,000 before the remains of primitive people, also found a number of about 4000 before the production of stone axes and then to the residents of these stone axes as the main tool.


Kakadu National Park on the cliffs there are many caves, there are in the world renowned rock murals. In 7000 many parts of the park, found the earliest years ago to 18,000 since the indigenous rock murals, has found 1,000. One Austrian Nuolan Ji Billy rocks and rocks, the focus is Yahua. Yahua the theme of rich, colorful, hunting scenes, myths and legends, such as life appliances. There are also the mother of God on earth Yahua. God said to Mother Earth in order to create natural and human experienced untold hardships, and she therefore subject to human Jingfeng from generation to generation. The earth is the mother of life and the birth of a symbol of the agricultural harvest, is a great god.


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Nolan extended in front of a cliff several rust red rock wall, above painting over the murals of the people wow, it's enough to make the world feel inferior to any one gallery. An Bangbang murals that the North is the best Kakadu region. Nolan in a few cliffs - the Yanxue (shelters during the rainy season) is near "An Bangbang" galleries, the indigenous artists about Mubaoermi in 1964 in a transparent way was a painting. The first half of the painting is part of Raytheon that Makang Ba Jin's wife Iraq. Ba Jin in the bottom of a group of Iraqi women, two are the flow of breast milk. (Another: An Bangbang Nayabomi murals is the final painting, he tried to recall the golden age of indigenous mythology, the magic power, but it did not seem to what role, because few years after he died.)


Most of the murals and Kakadu compared to the painting's history not long, some local residents living artist who is also state. Bodemadi a group called Nayabomi the 1964 New Year's pictures in these paintings. Aboriginal rock painting in a lot of reasons, one of the most important thing is they would like to take this and their ancestors, the Creator God and the soul of the totem or Tales of personal exchanges.


Arnhem Land under the cliff into the sea and the plain Harbour, so this period of the murals in the main draw is Balamengda fish such as fish and Barracuda animals. Many paintings also chiropractors and other animals in the structure are Kakadu National Park tourism painted out. To about 1,000 years ago, Kakadu's freshwater marshes on the coast have formed after the flood embankment. During this period the murals in the fish, magpie wild geese in the swamps and shoring with Penny's raft of women.


Nayabomi in the golden age of painting in the Agagu is longing for social change Mrs people a visible example of such a demonstration of its indigenous culture and society of full-scale collapse. In the first whites to see Kakadu's cultural and natural treasures before, the region's indigenous population of about 2,000 people, belong to 30 different lineage. About the year 1860, the first permanent place of residence of Europeans in the Eligaite River 100 km west of the place. Europeans come and go, they are often left to local people to resist diseases. In many areas, two thirds of the indigenous people suffering from influenza and smallpox, and some people had whooping cough, diphtheria, pneumonia or mumps. Living in coastal flood plains on the side of the clan even worse, they may even be extinct.


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After World War II, Australia's inhospitable "top" of uranium found in, around the mining of uranium has aroused heated debate. Finally, the Australian government ordered the mining of uranium will be restricted to the minimum level of scale.


In addition, since the 1980s, because the film "crocodile," the background is part of Kakadu National Park in the shooting, which has become one of the reasons for attracting tourists.


English name: Kakadu National Park


World Heritage Committee Evaluation:


Kakadu National Park in Australia's northern territory, archaeology and ethnology is the only well-preserved, and for human living up to 40,000 years old. In the cave wall paintings, stone sculptures and archaeological sites from the region indicate that the prehistoric hunting and Yuanshibula to the indigenous people living there remained the skills and way of life. This is a typical example of the ecological Australia Tourist Attractions balance, including those tidal shallows, floodplain, in low-lying plateau, and, for those who are a large number of rare animals and plants provide excellent conditions for survival. Flooding in fan.

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