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The second time when the German immigrants really started my German trip. Before the three Baltic countries in a three-week stay. From Lithuania to Poland and then to Germany not only is 27 hours long-distance truck and the experience of crossing the border, but also a climate of a human concussion. The original boundary is not a quarantine, but a distinction.

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Towards the "Little Red Riding Hood."

Black Forest to find the dessert

Germany have arrived at a strong desire, the next trip only very simple to very easily, so jump opened in Berlin, Munich, went straight to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) looking for some tourism "dessert." A section of journey sometimes really like catering, food is divided into appetizers, main course or dessert. Over the past three weeks eating too many "main course", has become a heavy digest
Wanted to go to the Black Forest because of Jam and the Black Forest curiosity. In fact, it is in southwestern Germany, near the French border next to one place. The Evolved from the Black Forest in addition to the dense forest, or the Cuckoo (cuckoo) the birthplace of the clock, a fairy tale (Hansel and Gretel) scene, is really somewhat mysterious and romantic color.

Black Forest in the world Gengenbach

Black Forest in the world Gengenbach


Into the maze of time

Black Forest's territory, there are too many too many small towns, want to avoid the crowd Gengenbach (Gengenbach) this place. กกกก

German special song style of the building, every one is very simple but unique style.

Germany left the high efficiency of the trains, the oncoming Shing Mun is typical of the Middle Ages, stretching left and right sides of the wall. I stepped into the Shing Mun, the time it docked in the Middle Ages on the clock.
Orange spires of the main tower, grey brown walls, brown-white Xiangying the gray wooden building is the epitome of German medieval town.

At first glance under really is boring, mechanical. Carefully Yiqiao, those scattered in German Travel Guide different parts of the walls of their own homes utmost to orange red spires, Dingyi Ding's really like a "hat"! This solemn silence on the Red Hat to shoulder the defensive wall and the work of the Shing Mun added a bit Qiaopi flu, strictly in the cities and towns also show a lively personality. Red Hat, particularly the small rain conspicuous, as the grey-weather brought some sunshine atmosphere.


German special style of the song

Songs like characteristics in Germany on the streets of shopping. Looking town's buildings are designed semi-wooden architectural styles, this is the "Song of the German special" type of the style. And special talent for song, Renaissance or Baroque-style architecture language comparison, the German medieval town like Xiangxing pale. Weiran the former with a stunning shock, while the latter simple sophistication, the simple people thought, really like dessert after a meal in general. plaster casts Portrait

With the traditional architecture of the special song Seiko compared to the German version of the song is simple in the special construction terrible, just a wooden building as a means of the design. However, this Gengen addition to the beautification of the wood, the more important as building infrastructure, which can not but say that reflects the German attractions streamlining of the German people.
After the war the baptism of the city wall is now time to observe the erosion.

Then carefully watched, although the wooden display a limited way, but you absolutely can not find a town with two of the same design of the building! I like the street Chi Chu, a one of the buildings slowly, as each house by the show's personality different, homeowners do not like the taste. The special style of traditional songs perhaps too bright, eye-catching, and the German song is special in its quiet way of self-display, no hubbub. A number of architectural style reflects the degree of national character, but also how much of this in the history of Nazism by the destruction.


Met alley in the romantic

Excitement in the maze of alleys in the habit of frequenting. Follow a path paved with pebbles, roaming, here on both sides of the two-story house. Coujin house and take a look at Chuangshan Chuangshan hook on the design, look at the window curtains and potted plants, look at the rise of Deng Zhao linked to the outside, the sight stay in the house, the blooming, touching the accumulation of firewood in the house, , In such a way close to the house of the people. Each one houses for a living masters of their own personality. Here a path full of Renji's taste, slowly and feelings. Like alley in the corner, every corner is a scene scenery. Looking back on again after a corner of the alley, but also to see a different landscape. Wear in the alley between the corner and found that the triangular intersection. A path German tourism bifurcation, a period extending up, then slowly while another section, the one time I do not know how to choose, up or down » Fortunately, life is not the trigeminal junctions can be returned or re-starting.

Out of time was left over from the walls, actually a different natural scenery. Afar, is full of slowly rolling hills. The new hill after the rain is green, Piaozhao mist, is Qimi moving. These are indirect breeds numerous characteristics of the German medieval town of factors.
Bifurcation of the romantic triangle is the intersection of German medieval town characteristics, a road cut into two landscape.

On that day, the sky Piaozhe light rain. This is the main peak autumn weather, I have long taken for granted. Walked walked, only the sky is not cast in the drizzling rain, actually snowflakes. Spread out palm, Duoduo a look at the snowflakes in the palm of Ukraine have to - can not have a United States, but also because the United States.


Later, in the mistaken intrusion into the local Tourism Bureau, was informed that this is a rare early snow Germany. Tourism Bureau told me very enthusiastic Gengenbach the activities of the Christmas countdown has started. She produced the only one commonly found in shops, printed with the semi-wooden house I Yingzhi cards to display. This is their German Travel Guide original countdown calendar. On the calendar of the windows are printed with the date, every day of the windows "Open" window will see the logo, to the day of Christmas, all the windows are open, and this is the Christmas countdown to the German way.

Tashangguitu out of the Shing Mun, also bid farewell to another medieval town. Look at the way many of these towns, do not greasy. Always feel that every place, no matter how the Xiangxiang, always has its own characteristics, Xiangrenyiyang, even with a nation, every person is unique. Give them a little more time, is equivalent to own them an opportunity to find the different

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